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Neurofeedback: A Third Option When Counseling and Medication Are Not Sufficient

Lori A. Russell-Chapin and Theodore J. Chapin


The field of neurobiology and neuropsychology is rapidly growing. Forty years ago, researchers discovered that the brains of mice and cats could be trained with operant conditioning (Doidge, 2007). Neuroscientists now understand that the human brain has the capability to adapt and develop new living neurons by engaging new tasks and challenges throughout our lives (Doidge, 2007; Amen, 2006). This process of neuroplasticity “can result in the wholesale remodeling of neural networks… a brain can rewire itself” (Schwartz & Begley, 2003). Even more exciting is the growing body of research demonstrating that the brain can be taught to self-regulate and become more efficient through neurofeedback (NF), a type of biofeedback for the brain (Demos, 2005). Very few practitioners now doubt that humans are capable of intentionally controlling neural functioning when trained properly (Hirshberg, 2007).

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