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Examining the Gender Role Concept of Marianismo and its Relation to Acculturation in Mexican-American College Women

Andreana T. Jezzini, Cynthia E. Guzmán, and Lisa Grayshield


Frequently under-investigated in psychological research, marianismo is a Latina gender role phenomenon based on traditional cultural norms, and the values of Catholicism. Encompassing the concepts of self-sacrifice, passivity, caretaking, duty, honor, sexual morality, and the Latina’s role as a mother; the implicit socialized concept of marianismo is often likened to martyrdom of the Virgin Mary (Comas-Diaz, 1988, Ramirez, 1990, Ginorio, Gutiérrez, Cauce & Acosta 1995, Gil & Vasquez, 1996; qtd. in Rivera-Marano, 2000). Comparatively, the concept of machismo is a male gender socialization phenomenon, encompassing the concepts of exaggerated masculinity, physical prowess, dominance, patriarchal authority, and male chauvinism (Baca Zinn, 1994). The body of research in Latino gender role studies, however, had predominantly been on the phenomenon of machismo. An under-investigation of Latina literature is noted by researchers. Boyd (1986) commented that early research on international migration was focused mostly on the experiences of male immigrants, which resulted in female immigrants’ becoming “invisible or stereotyped”. Current research suggests marianismo plays an integral, reinforcing role in the psychosocial adjustment of Latina women in the United States (Gil & Vazquez, 1996).

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