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The Impact of Trauma: How Best to Help

Jill Riethmayer


September 11, 2001, was America’s wake-up call. The events of that day forced this nation to embrace the fact that America is no longer immune. Never again can Americans believe that this nation is safe from major destruction upon its own soil after being targeted by another country. For many Americans, it was the first time this reality became clear: terrorism, and the resulting trauma, is not something that always occurs “over there.” This nation’s symbols of national strength: the World Trade Center (financial strength), the Pentagon (armed services strength), and a possible attempt to destroy the White House (presidential strength) and/or perhaps the United States Capitol (national government strength). Immediately after the attacks, America had to instantly determine how to respond and cope with this nation’s shattered sense of security and safety. Naturally, the children of America will look toward the adults for guidance and a sense of safety and security. How America’s children cope with trauma such as September 11 or any other major trauma depends to a large degree upon how the adults around them respond. Adults within the professional counseling world as well as adults within the community must be the role models for the children.

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