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Culturally Appropriate Counseling and Human Services in Appalachia: The Need and How to Address It

Heather J. Ambrose and Roger D. Hicks


Appalachia is a region of the country that has been frequently misunderstood and ridiculed by outsiders. The people of Appalachia possess a strong work ethic and a rich cultural heritage consisting of many values and traditions seldom understood by outsiders. Often referred to as mountain people, Appalachians have a strong sense of family and community. This dedication to family and being at home in the mountains has played a large role in keeping the Appalachian people and culture fairly isolated from the rest of the United States. However, the problems that plague the rest of the country are now beginning to creep into the Appalachian region. Problems with drugs, extreme poverty, and domestic violence are now creating an increased need for mental health and other social service programs in Appalachia. As more mental health services and service providers have moved into Appalachia, it has become imperative that counselors be familiar with how to work effectively with this oppressed minority group. While there has been some literature written about providing mental health services to members of most minority groups, there is virtually no literature concerning counseling issues related to working with Appalachian clients.

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