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VISTAS Online is an innovative publication produced for ACA by Dr. Garry R. Walz and Dr. Jeanne C. Bleuer of Counseling Outfitters, LLC. Its purpose is to provide a means of capturing the ideas, information and experiences generated by the annual ACA Conference and selected ACA Division Conferences. Papers on a program or practice that has been validated through research or experience may also be submitted. This digital collection of peer-reviewed articles is authored by counselors, for counselors. VISTAS Online contains the full text of over 900 proprietary counseling articles published from 2004 to 2017.

Stressors and Stress Management of Counselors: Findings From Interviews of Professional Counselors

Jonathan Lent


Since burnout and stress are so pervasive in a professional‟s life it is an important topic of study. Maslach and Jackson (1984) defined burnout as the experience of longterm exhaustion and diminished interest, usually in the context of work. Distinctions have been made between job burnout and tedium and stress associated with one‟s work. Burnout tends to be more pervasive, involving a lack of energy and enthusiasm at both home and the office. This phenomenon affects an individual‟s life in a broad, allencompassing fashion. It can have a devastating impact not only on work performance, but in one‟s social and love relationships as well (Forney, Wallace-Schutzman, & Wiggers, 1982).

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