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HT053 - Cutting Edge Job Search Strategies

Dr. David DeLong

Note: This podcast is not available for CE credit.

Description: Dr. David DeLong takes his years of studying about workforce and the economy and boils it down to the steps to securing a great job.  With 10,000 Baby boomers retiring every day, there have never been more openings for the talented young people graduating from college each year. Follow six steps to securing that job that is right for you, and you will be able to give your clients hope in this job market.

Dr. David DeLong is president of Smart Workforce Strategies, a consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations develop the capabilities needed for success in tomorrow’s economy. He is also a research fellow at the MIT AgeLab and has been an adjunct professor at Babson College where he teaches “Leading & Managing Change.”

Dr. DeLong is co-author of the new book “Graduate to a Great Job: Make Your College Degree Pay Off in Today’s Market.”

He is author of the widely-praised “Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce” from Oxford University Press”. He has spent more than a decade studying the strategic impacts of changing workforce demographics and the practical implications of changing skill sets needed in the workplace. Dr. DeLong not only works with companies on solutions for critical skill shortages, but he also consults to leaders in higher education on reinventing the career development resources that students need to succeed in today’s workplace.

His work has been widely cited in the New York Times, Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, CIO Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and the Boston Globe. He has also been interviewed on NPR's "Morning Edition" and "Talk of the Nation."

A former researcher at both Harvard Business School and MIT's Sloan School, Dr. DeLong has lectured in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and South America, and is a widely-published writer whose work has appeared in journals and magazines such as Harvard Business Review and numerous others. He has a doctorate in organizational behavior from Boston University and an M.P.A. from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Among other questions, Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks:

  • Why did you decide to write a book about the challenges of looking for a job after graduation?
  • How has the job market really changed since the Great Recession?
  • What have been the biggest surprises from your ongoing research into successful job searches?
  • So, in your book, Graduate to a Great Job, what did you find are the keys to a successful job search?
  • What if you’re a counselor working with parents? What advice can you give to them about helping their young adult children transition from school to the workplace?
  • Do you have any insights about motivating clients who don’t seem to be getting any traction in their careers?
  • It sounds like a very challenging and daunting process – that is, looking for a job today. How do you give clients hope and help them get over the emotional obstacles they face in looking for work?
  • How are you spreading these messages today? Where can listeners learn more?
  • ACA currently has 55,000+ members, most of whom are clinicians, Is there anything I have not asked you that you want our members to know?

Running Time:  1:02

MP3, 42.71 MB

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