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HT067 - Counselors in Transition

Dr. Rebecca Daniel-Burke and Mr. John Duggan, M.A., NCC, LPC, LCPC

Podcast transcript available by clicking here.

Navigating professional transitions is an important concern for all counselors. In this podcast, Dr. Rebecca Daniel-Burke and Mr. John Duggan, M.A., NCC, LPC, LCPC take time to interview one another about “Counselors in Transition.” Rebecca will soon retire from the American Counseling Association and John will begin as Manager for Professional Development. Together, Rebecca and John talk about their experiences of transitioning as professionals. Whether you’re first becoming licensed and opening a private practice, or winding down a clinical practice, transitioning to a new setting and retirement — this conversation will cover many issues faced by counselors.

Rebecca and John discuss a couple of theories of transition that can help counselors in clinical work. For example, the Dutch anthropologist Arnold van Gennep (“Rites of Passage”, 1908) has influenced topics related to developmental, career, and grief counseling. Rebecca and John also talk about personal experiences which have impacted their professional work and self care strategies counselors can use during times of remarkable transition.

Rebecca Daniel-Burke and John Duggan discuss the following topics in this conversation:

  • John introduces himself and describes his graduate training and professional experiences.
  • Rebecca talks about her plan to retire.
  • John discusses some practical issues on transitions and gives a brief synopsis a helpful concept from “Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes” (Bridges, William, 2004).
  • Both Rebecca and John talk about their experiences of starting and closing private practices, negotiating career development issues, facing personal losses and embracing strategies for counselor self-care.
  • Rebecca talks about the process of developing the podcast and webinar series for the American Counseling Association and she talks about her experience of leaving these programs and entrusting them to John.
  • Rebecca talks about her admiration of counselors and reasons why supporting clinicians remains so important.
  • Rebecca and John also discuss their hopes for ACA members and ways to further support issues related to member professional development.

Running time: 55 minutes

MP3, 38.03 MB

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