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HT061 - Prostitute, Drugs, Professor

Joel Marc Filmore, EdD, LCPC

Podcast transcript available by clicking here.

Dr. Joel Marc Filmore describes his history as a cross-dressing prostitute, drug addict, and prison inmate to a counselor educator. Along the way he experienced conversion therapy and can discuss it in a way that is both thought-provoking and fresh.

Joel Marc Filmore, EdD, LCPC is a nationally-known professional counselor, educator, researcher, author, trainer, and public speaker. He is a core faculty member at Northwestern University where he teaches graduate counseling courses. As a professor, he researches LGBTQQI issues, multiculturalism, trauma & abuse, sex-trafficking, sex offender issues, as well as addictions/substance abuse.

Among others, Rebecca Daniel-Burke, asks the following questions:

  • You are a Counselor Educator in The Family Institute at Northwestern University as well as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, but you actually have an interesting background. Can you tell us about that?
  • Now, along with your experience as a victim of sex-trafficking, you also have first-hand experience with a controversial practice called conversion or reparative therapy, no?
  • Can you tell us what conversion/reparative therapy involves?
  • What does the literature or research say about this therapeutic intervention?
  • What were some of the effects of the treatment on you, personally?
  • Why would someone choose to undergo conversion/reparative therapy if there is no evidence to support that it is effective and plenty of evidence to support that it is harmful?
  • Considering your experience with religion and conversion/reparative therapy, do you find yourself able to work with clients who have strong religious or socially conservative values or beliefs?
  • Your life has changed so drastically from being a child of trauma, to sex-trafficking, to conversion/reparative therapy, how do you explain such a profound paradigm shift?
  • What can counselors do to assist clients who are either considering conversion/reparative therapy or those clients who have already undergone the process and are suffering the results of that decision?
  • Do you think counseling, as a profession, is doing enough to combat the destructive practice of conversion/reparative therapy?

Running Time: 51 minutes

MP3, 34.87 MB

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