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HT046 - Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional’s Guide to Closing a Practice Due to Retirement, Death, or Disability

Anne Marie "Nancy" Wheeler, JD and Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, NCC

Among others, Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks the speakers the following questions:

1. What spurred you to write a book and accompanying templates entitled Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional’s Guide to Closing a Practice Due to Retirement, Death, or Disability? (NW)
2. Can you explain what is included in this e-book that will be useful to practicing counselors? 
3. Why is it important, from an ethical and risk management perspective, to appoint a records custodian? 
4. Do you have suggestions in the e-book regarding how to give your records custodian or support team access to electronic records as well as paper records? 
5. Can you tell us how some of your templates may help counselors provide notice to clients of a practice closure – on an emergency or planned basis? 
6. Is it enough to just have both a personal and professional will? 
7. Do you address issues pertinent to a counselor’s potential obligations under HIPAA and HITECH? 
8. Do you give suggestions for handling things like passwords and access to all electronic devices and who should have access to them? 
9. Is this book designed for baby boomers or does it have application to those younger counselors just starting out in private practice? 
10. Can you tell us anything else about how the product works, how to access the e-book and templates, and what benefits are available to the reader? 

Running time: 49:07

For more information, or to purchase the eBook go to:

Anne Marie "Nancy" Wheeler, JD is an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. For over 30 years, she has provided risk management consultation services for a major national medical specialty association, and a national association of mental health providers. On a daily basis, she helps practicing psychiatrists, counselors, allied health professionals, and other providers navigate challenging legal, ethical, and regulatory issues ranging from privacy to managed care. Nancy has advised numerous professionals considering retirement or closing a private practice. She has also served grieving family members of professionals after the professional's sudden death or disability. Due to the complexity of legal and ethical issues that arise due to lack or planning, on top of the problems for patients and clients, she collaborated with Rob Reinhardt on this user-friendly electronic publication designed to help health care professionals of any age or stage of practice prepare for immediate or eventual closure of a professional practice.

Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, NCC is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina, and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Director of a growing counseling and wellness practice he is also the CEO of Tame Your Practice, a private practice consulting firm. In addition to running a successful practice himself, he helps mental health and other professionals grow their practices, with a focus on efficient and compliant use of technology. Rob is also column editor of the “Tech Tutor” column of Counseling Today, the magazine of the American Counseling Association.  Prior to entering the world of mental health care, his career was focused on Information Technology, with experience in software development, project management, and corporate management. In talking with Nancy about the need for health care professionals to engage in advanced planning for emergency or planned practice closing, Rob recognized the growing need for documentation of electronic systems. He brings his knowledge of computers and software to this project, in the hopes of easing the burden of transition for professionals and their appointed representatives.

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