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HT015 – The Latest on Addiction Counseling, Co-Occurring has Replaced Dual-Diagnosis, and Why is Crack so Addictive Anyway?

Dr. Ford Brooks and Dr. Bill McHenry

Speakers: DR. FORD BROOKS is an Associate Professor and DR. BILL MCHENRY is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel at Shippensburgh University in Pennsylvania. Both Dr. Brooks and Dr. McHenry are Licensed Professional Counselors and National Certified Counselors. Ford Brooks is also a Certified Addictions Counselor.

Among other things, Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks the following questions:

  • You talk in your book about the grief and loss process as it relates to use of substances as well as recovery, can you tell us more about how these entities are connected?
  • Your book was written for both addiction counselors as well as general practitioners. Can you speak to the need for all counselors to recognize and work with clients or families with addiction concerns?
  • What is crack all about? Why is it so addictive?
  • I've noticed that you've included the new CACREP standards for an Addiction Specialty in your book. How do you feel the book prepares students for these standards?
  • What is harm reduction? Where does it fit in with traditional addiction counseling?
  • The approach that you take in the book appears quite supportive and empathic. How can this approach impact a client's defense system?
  • How have you both been able to work with this population for so long and what are the aspects that keep you working with this group?
  • What are your hopes for counselors who read this text?

Running time: 52:21
Date Recorded: 11/17/09

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