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HT036 - Integrating Energy Modalities into Traditional Counseling

Paige Valdiserri, MEd, LPC, NCC, BCETS, RMT

Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks the following questions:

  • 1. What is Energy Healing?
  • 2. What made you integrate energy modalities into counseling strategies? 
  • 3. How do you integrate energy modalities into counseling strategies? 
  • 4. How does energy work impact those with PTSD/trauma and why is it important in the healing process? 
  • 5. In working with the military and first responder communities, how has your energy work been received? 
  • 6. Can you give some examples/feedback/results from working with military and other populations who are dealing with high stress and trauma after using energy work? 
  • 7. How does one explain the concept of energy work to clients? 
  • 8. Through your many years of working with trauma, PTSD and various populations, especially first responders, how did you come to create EBD, Energetic Body Dialogue?
  • 9. Can you give a brief summary of EBD?
  • 10. Who can be trained in EBD and is there current training available?

Licensed Professional Counselor, Paige Valdiserri, discusses how she resolved her desire to add more modalities to classic counseling strategies. Through her many years of work with our troops, their families, first responders, and others with PTSD, Paige discovered that her classic counseling strategies would not suffice.  She saw deep tension and stress in the bodies of returning soldiers. She knew that energy work like Reiki and Yoga had helped her recover from her own PTSD. She began to create a modality to integrate energy work into classic counseling techniques. Through her Energetic Body Dialogue (EBD) she began to address this tension in the body so that these warriors might better release the trauma they accumulated during deployment. Soon she saw this combining of techniques helped other clients as well. Paige describes EBD and some testimonials she has received.

Paige Valdiserri, MEd, LPC, NCC, BCETS, RMT, is a professional counselor and an intuitive healing consultant.  She is president and CEO of her own counseling, healing, and consulting business where she developed the “Energetic Body Dialogue” approach based on the principles of counseling, Reiki energy work, Yoga, and various other modalities. She also serves as Director of Behavioral Health for the international occupational health firm, Comprehensive Health Service, where she develops and implements integrated behavioral health programs that support the military, government contractors, and families of the deployed.

Running Time: 49 minutes

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