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HT035 - The Brain, Connectivity, and Sequencing

Dr. Jaclyn M. Gisburne and Jana C. Harr

Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks the following questions:

  • Please describe the Colorado Program briefly. 
  • Describe the type of client that comes into your program.
  • Fully integrated can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. What do you mean by fully integrated?
  • How long is your program?  Do they have to come to Colorado?
  • Why sequence modalities, what is the benefit to sequencing modalities?
  • Describe briefly the types of modalities that a client might experience in the program and in each phase of the program.
  • This is a two part questions - i. What type of outcomes do you typically see in your program? And ii. Does the program work for everyone?
  • Do you just see clients or do you also teach the Colorado Program and its modalities  to counselors and professionals?
  • What are the expectations and how do you work with counselors who only have a few modalities like drama therapy, EMDR, and CBT to work with when the client comes home?
Running Time: 55 minutes

The Gisburne Harr Institute, LLC, is a clinically based research and training facility that works on the premise that the brain has its own connectivity ; that is, how it communicating with regions and inter-regionally. This connectivity develops over the course of a lifetime, with much of its structure and functions being put in place in the first six years of life.  This connectivity is then reflected and expressed in the body, our perceptions and core beliefs, and in our relationships.  We believe that all of the events in a person's life shape the patterns of connectivity in the brain often distorting those connections, including those associated with our sense of connection to ourselves, especially connection to our "authentic" sense of self. That is, our awareness of
  • our sensations, information coming in through our five senses and electromagnetic field
  • emotional "feelings" including where we feel those emotions in our bodies,
  • Innate needs such as communicated through our sense of hunger, thirst, fatigue
  • our need to self-express in the form of movement, vocalization of opinions or needs, etc.

We realize, also, that  the brain is very plastic, is "hard-wired" to heal, and given the right opportunity will attempt to do just that at every level of scale and in every domain (e.g., in the realms of bio-physiology, behavioral, psychological, and social).  In short, we are in the business of re-connecting the individual to self and restore the self to wellness.  The Colorado Program and Paradigm came out of this desire and is the culmination of seven years of clinical observations, research, technological innovations, neurological study, and program analysis.

Jaclyn M. Gisburne, Ph. D. is the Co-Founder of and Director of Research and Program Development for The Gisburne Harr Institute, LLC, a clinical research and educational center focusing on chronic and neurodegenerative conditions.  Discovered a proprietary process, utilizing EEG neurofeedback technology, that could arrest symptoms associated with chronic conditions and together with Harr combined it with adjunct modalities for the resolution of trauma memories.  Co-developed the Colorado Program, translating research into a fully integrated program of strategically selected multi- modalities and skill set training for the re-connection to self and the restoration of a more well-balanced interconnection with others.

Jana C. Harr, MS is Co-Founder and Clinical Director of The Gisburne Harr Institute.  Co-developed the Colorado Program (CP). The Colorado Program is an innovative approach that addresses chronic and neurodegenerative conditions. It utilizes several innovative and non-invasive modalities that capitalizes on the natural and reliable responses of the brain and body to affect reversal of the symptoms associated with these types of conditions. Together they lend new hope and optimism in the quality of life possible for those who struggle with these conditions.

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