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HT028 – Gestalt Therapy

Dr. Jon Frew

Speaker: Jon Frew, Ph.D., ABPP, is in private practice in Vancouver, Washington, and is a Professor at Pacific University School of Professional Psychology. He completed the three-year Post Graduate Training Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in 1981. He has conducted workshops and led training groups in the United States, Canada, and Australia. He is the author of numerous articles on Gestalt therapy, theory, and practice, and is on the editorial board of the journal Gestalt Review.

Among other things, Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks the following questions:

  • Is there a story about how you became a Gestalt therapist? What excites you about Gestalt therapy at this point in your career?
  • When and how did Gestalt therapy get started and how has it evolved since then?
  • What are some of the fundamental concepts central to Gestalt therapy that distinguish it from other counseling orientations?
  • Are there other key elements that define the theory and practice?
  • I have not heard anything about techniques such as the "hot seat," "two chair work" or slogans like "get out of your head" or "you do your thing, I'll do mine."
  • Gestalt therapy is also known for its emphasis on the present, the "here and now." Do gestalt therapists attend to the past?
  • How important is the client-counselor relationship in Gestalt therapy?
  • The clients of the 2010s are different from those of the 1940s and 1950s when Gestalt therapy originated. Can gestalt therapy be effective with clients in our increasingly diverse world?
  • Do Gestalt therapists do research to evaluate the effectiveness of the approach?
  • Where can our listeners learn more about training opportunities and Gestalt therapy resources?

Running time: 54:45
Date Recorded: 01/24/2012

Email speaker Dr. Jon Frew at
Email host Rebecca Daniel-Burke at

Gestalt sites:

The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy
The Gestalt Review
The British Gestalt Journal
The International Gestalt Journal
Dr. Frew co-directs the Gestalt Therapy Training Center Northwest at

Look for the book Contemporary Psychotherapies for a Diverse World co-edited by Jon Frew and Michael Spiegler coming out in February.

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