Telebehavioral Health Licensure and Liability Insurance Considerations

Use of telebehavioral health service delivery does not eliminate the licensure requirements

Counselors must review the state regulatory boards’ policies and other laws to determine your scope of practice and ability to offer telebehavioral health services.  A declaration of Public Health Emergencies by a governor may impact the scope of practice in the state where you are licensed.  Additionally, there is important fine print including if you’re able to register as a volunteer provider in order to practice across state lines, where permitted.  In our experience, licensure boards may be slow to respond to inquiries.  Take the time to fully understand the requirements.

COVID-19 State Resources
This reference guide is a compilation of state actions taken regarding telebehavioral health. This information includes telebehavioral health regulations, insurance commission data, Medicaid guidance, and other necessary updates.

HPSO (an ACA partner) has a counselor case study which highlights effective risk management strategies for professional counselors using real-time, secure audio and video platforms to deliver counseling services.

Here is Information from HPSO on  MASTER LEVEL STUDENTS offering TELEBEHAVIORAL HEALTH Counseling Sessions with HPSO Student Liability Insurance.

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