April 2021


We’re excited to highlight some activities and resources that can help you celebrate Counseling Awareness Month and beyond! Click on each tile to learn more about the different ways you can #BurnBrightNotOut.

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 Tile_6_BINGO-01   Tile_7_BINGO-01   Tile_8_BINGO-01   Tile_9_BINGO-01  Tile_10_BINGO-01
  Tile_11_BINGO-01    Tile_12_BINGO Tile_13_BINGO-01    Mental Health Online Counseling Platform Tile_15_BINGO-01 
  Tile_16_BINGO-01   Tile_17_BINGO   Tile_18_BINGO   Tile_19_BINGO-01   Tile_20_BINGO
 Tile_21_BINGO-01 Tile_22_BINGO-01   Tile_23_BINGO-01 Tile_24_BINGO   Tile_25_BINGO-01

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