Ethics Update Columns

In a monthly column in Counseling Today, American Counseling Association staff and ethics experts explore real-world issues facing counselors and examine them through the lens of the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics


Courtroom testimony: Ethics and counseling roles (9/19)

Boundaries and the little things that matter (8/19)

The ethics of IPV counseling: One provider’s experience.(7/19)
Preventing inappropriate relationships with clients (6/19)
Grief and loss: When the professional becomes personal (5/19)
ACA 2019 Graduate Student Ethics Awards (4/19)
Processing trauma with clients in recovery (3/19)
Ethics and the systems perspective (2/19)
The opioid crisis and ethical considerations for counselors (1/19)


The notes of our profession (12/18)
Ethical issues facing new counselors: Developing competency and pursuing licensure (11/18)
Starting off on the right foot: Ethical issues facing new counselors (10/18)
Counselors are doing what now? Exploring the ethics of complementary methods (9/18)
ACA 2017-2018 Graduate Student Ethics Competition (8/18)
Beginning with the end in mind: Precommitment considerations for the supervisory relationship (7/18)
Maintaining professionalism and compassion: We can do both (6/18)
Navigating fight, flight or freeze: Developing courage and the freedom to ACT (5/18)
Barry Goldwater and the power of labels (4/18)
Hot topics: A preview of the Ethics Committee’s ACA 2018 Conference & Expo presentation (3/18)
#MeToo: The ethics of counselor self-disclosure (2/18)
Disaster mental health: Ethical issues for counselors (1/18)


Russian nesting dolls and ethical decision-making (12/17)
Boundaries across borders (11/17)
To tell or not to tell: The fine line between minors’ privacy and others’ right to know (10/17)
Ethical considerations when counseling military clients (9/17)
ACA graduate student ethics competition (8/17)
I don’t like my client: The ethics of handling negative feelings toward those we serve (7/17)
It's lonely out there: How counselors might stray from their ethical training (6/17)
On the ethics of ending: terminations and referrals (5/17)
Family ties: Tackling issues of objectivity and boundaries in counseling (4/17)
Counselors-in-training and impairment (3/17)
Boon or bother? Social media marketing and ethics (2/17)
Connection and confidentiality in the internet age (1/17)


A conversation with Stephanie F. Daily, former senior co-chair for the Ethics Committee (12/16)
The ACA Code of Ethics: Clarifying values and referrals in counseling (10/16)


Responding to a subpoena (10/15)
Confidentiality concerns with minors (9/15)
Hiring a former client as a counselor (8/15)
Is it time to consider texting with clients? (7/15)
Ethical guidelines when working with groups (6/15)
The ethics of fee splitting (5/15)
Handling conflicts of personal values (4/15)
Considerations for the use of distance counseling (3/15)
The counselor’s duty to report (2/15)


Legally speaking (12/14)
Raising the bar for counselor educators (11/14)
New responsibilities when making referrals (10/14)
Distance counseling, technology and social media (9/14)
Preamble scramble (8/14)
An overview of the revised ACA Code of Ethics (7/14)


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