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Written for an audience that includes private practitioners; counselors working in mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, employee assistance programs, and other community settings; as well as counselor educators and their students, this helpful guide breaks down the concepts and terminology in the DSM-5 and explains how this diagnostic tool translates to the clinical situations encountered most frequently by counselors.

After describing the major structural, philosophical, and diagnostic changes in the DSM-5, the book is organized into four parts, which are grouped by diagnostic similarity and relevance to counselors. Each chapter outlines the key concepts of each disorder, including major diagnostic changes; essential features; special considerations; differential diagnosis; coding, recording, and specifiers; and, where applicable, new or revised criteria. Clinical vignettes, for illustration and study, help both clinicians and students visualize and understand DSM-5 disorders. Author notes interspersed throughout the text assist readers in further understanding and applying new material.

You can purchase the ​DSM-5 Learning Companion for Counselors online here at the ACA Bookstore.


Essentials for Counselors to Implement the DSM-5 and ICD-10
Learn to use the DSM-5 and implement the ICD-10-CM on October 1, 2015. Presenters will explore ways in which the DSM-5 and ICD-10-CM are similar and different; key diagnostic changes that will impact your daily practice; and the implications of multiaxial and dimensional diagnoses. Becoming ICD-10-CM literate is an essential part of remaining HIPAA compliant. This type of training may reduce the potential for fraud, waste and abuse penalties. 

USING THE DSM-5: Countdown to October 1, 2015
Remember October 1, 2014 when we thought the DSM-5 would be implemented?  Then the World Health Organization postponed implementation of the ICD-10 until October 1, 2015 triggering the same delay for the DSM-5 implementation.  Well the wait is over! The 5-axis diagnosis will be gone! We will all need to start using the DSM-5 and the ICD-10 on October 1, 2015.  
This series will provide you with all of the tools you will need to start using the DSM-5.

DSM-5 Criteria on Personality Disorders - Crazy Love: Dealing with Your Partner's Problem Personality
Join Dr. W. Brad Johnson for a discussion of his popular book, Crazy Love: Dealing with Your Partner's Problem Personality. Why are we attracted, often repeatedly, to specific problem personalities? Is it possible to make these relationships work? In ACA's latest webinar, participants will explore the most common personality disorders; their impact on intimate relationships; and insights into setting limits, self-care, and the real consequences of choosing a life with or without a challenging partner.


Mental Health Billing and ICD-10
Barbara Carter

Counselors Using Technology in Private Practice
Rob Reinhardt, M.Ed., LPCS, NCC

DSM-5 Learning Companion for Counselors
Stephanie F. Dailey, EdD, LPC

DSM-5 Diagnosis Drill Down
Jason H. King, PhD, LPC, CCMHC, ACS.

DSM-5 Revisions Discussed
Dr. Dayle Jones


Journal of Counseling & Development

Trends and Implications of Proposed Changes to the DSM-5 for Vulnerable Populations Raissa Miller and Elizabeth A. Prosek; Volume 91, Issue 3, pages 359–366, July 2013

 DSM-5 and Bereavement: The Loss of Normal Grief? Jesse Fox and K. Dayle Jones; Volume 91, Issue 1, pages 113–119, January 2013

Counseling Today

Hoarding disorder: A new diagnosis in the DSM-5 Chelsey A. Zoldan, Nicole A. Stargell, and Victoria E. Kress; March 2015

Assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders page 12, Jason H. King; December 2014

Assessment and diagnosis of substance-related and behavioral addictive disorders page 12, Jason H. King; November 2014

Behind the Book: DSM-5 Learning Companion for Counselors Bethany Bray; November 2014

Assessment and diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive and related disorders page 12, Jason H. King; October 2014

Assessment and diagnosis of disruptive, impulse-control and conduct disorders page 12, Jason H. King; September 2014

Assessment and diagnosis of depressive disorders and bereavement reactions page 12, Jason H. King; August 2014

Counselors and the Clinical Staging Model Allen E. Ivey and Mary Bradford Ivey; February 2014

ACA Launches Six-Webinar Series on the DSM-5 Heather Rudow; June 2013

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