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Testing / Measurement / Assessment

Appraisal Techniques in Counseling

This course presents an overview of the assessment of individual differences through group tests and measurements. It develops competencies in selecting, administering, and interpreting group intelligence, aptitude, achievement, interest, and personality instruments. It also examines current research involving assessment relative to educational, social, and industrial settings. Students participating fully in the course will: • know basic descriptive statistics and their application to psychological tests and measures • be able to determine if a measure is valid and reliable • recognize the types of available assessment tools (e.g., instruments, observations, interviews, focus groups), what they measure, and how they can be applied to various school and college settings • develop the skills to administer, interpret, and formally report the results of assessments within their scope of training and qualification • be able to explain the quest for accountability and outcomes assessment in K-16 education • design an outcomes assessment within a school or college student affairs setting • identify the ethical and legal issues involved in creating, administering, and interpreting assessment tools • develop skills of analysis, synthesis, and communication (verbal and written) concerning issues and ideas relevant to appraisal techniques
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