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Internship I in Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness

Internship I is the first course in a two-semester internship sequence that is part of the Master of Arts degree program in Mental Health and Wellness. This course complements the 300 hours of supervised practical experience to be gained concurrently at the student’s field work placement in a mental health counseling setting during the fall semester. The course will focus on the integration of didactic learning with the actual experience of counseling in a practicum setting by addressing specific topics, practicum experiences and counseling cases. Topics addressed will include: assessing and negotiating learning needs; understanding the nature and culture of the internship site; the professional role of the counselor; developing one’s identity as a counselor-in-training; the role of supervision, the counseling relationship, ethical and multicultural issues; and other topics relevant to the field settings in which students are placed. As the semester progresses and students begin to counsel individual clients and groups, supervision of cases will focus on counseling skills, case conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention strategies and termination. Students spend a minimum of 16-20 hours a week in a college or community agency setting approved by the Director of Internship performing counseling related tasks. The NYU Internship Instructor will function as the liaison between the NYU Department of Applied Psychology’s Masters in Mental Health and Wellness Program and the internship site supervisor. More specifically, this Internship course has the following objectives:
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