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Human Services Internship I

This class is designed to prepare the student for actual work in Human Services field. It is conducted under the guidance of an instructor and the placing agency supervisor. Agencies must provide students supervision. The supervisor may be a certified clinical supervisor, a social worker, school social worker/counselor, or a counselor licensed in their prospective profession (Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Social Worker) and having worked in the field at least two years. This course is designed to help the student begin to develop competence in performing each of the functions required of Human Services professionals. Throughout your field experience, your academic learning can come alive and take on new meaning as you see the connections between the knowledge and skills you have gained in the classroom and your “real-world” practice experiences while working in a human services agency. More than many other classes, this course requires you to be an active learner, reacting to, applying, and reflecting upon the ideas discussed. The total internship experience consists of 40 hours at the internship site and approximately 15 hours away from the internship site to meet with the course instructor. This internship addresses the intermediate and advanced skills of the Human Services professional, functions and responsibilities such as individual and group counseling, case management, crisis intervention, client education, referrals, and consultation with other professionals. Students will integrate their knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired in the previous courses of the program with practical experience in their field placement under appropriate supervision. Internship clinical hours will apply toward the professional experience required of the professional licensing/credentialing organization. In this first internship, the student will directly observe at least a two-client caseload from intake throughout the entire treatment process. The student may be assigned another case or additional duties at the internship site based on the direction and guidance of the clinical supervisor and the internship coordinator (instructor). The student in internship will not be left alone. The 15 hours with the class instructor are weekly classes and will be used to discuss the client case work and other issues that the student may have during the course of the placement.
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