It's essential for counselors to understand how to offer LGBTQ-affirmative counseling services to clients, students, and allies. LGBTQ youth are less likely than others to pursue post-secondary education opportunities due to adversity, oppression, and/or discrimination. This five-part distance-learning series discusses competencies needed for practitioners to counsel LGBTQ clients/students. These learning modules are available to everyone at no cost, with the creation of a free login account.

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LGBTQ Youth & Young Adults in School, College, and Careers

In this lesson, professional counselors will focus on the common challenges faced by LGBTQ youth and young adults. Common misconceptions about LGBTQ people will be dispelled and participants will explore how homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia impact college- and career-readiness for LGBTQ youth. A baseline competency for counseling LGBTQ individuals sets the stage to increase counselor awareness of affirmative interventions. An emphasis on creating a LGBTQ-inclusive environment is a strong foundation to this lesson.

Preparing for Conversations with LGBTQ Youth

This lesson is designed to help professional counselors focus on the unique concerns and considerations of LGBTQ youth regarding entry to the workforce and higher education, and the benefits and risks youth experience when disclosing LGBTQ identity. A baseline competency for counseling LGBTQ individuals sets the stage to increase counselor awareness of intersectionality and diverse identity. An emphasis on gender identity and gender expression are a core part of this lesson.

Transgender & Gender-Expansive Counseling Issues

This module focuses on the development of competency-based skills that will help professional counselors work with trans and gender-expansive youth and young adults. The lesson content explores common barriers faced by trans and gender-expansive youth in college and employment settings and provides best practices for supporting and advocating for them.

LGBTQ College- and Career-Readiness Case Studies

In this lesson, professional counselors will look at case studies on counseling LGBTQ youth and young adults. First-person narratives highlight questions, concerns, and challenges LGBTQ youth and young adults experience regarding “being out” and authentic. The lesson focuses on the pursuit of job placements, the exploration of career options, and the selection of a college or university.

Note: The pre-assessment and modules one through four must be completed prior to gaining access to module five. Each module in this five-part series, offers 1 CE credit for successful completion of the test. Counselors who complete all five lessons earn a certificate of completion.

LGBTQ modules in this series are free and open to all, so spread the word!

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