Controversial Issues

Licensed Professional Counselors may consider reaching out to their attorney general for guidance on working with the LGBTQ+ community if they have questions or concerns about legal issues related to their practice. For example, counselors may want to seek guidance on how to comply with state and federal laws that protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, or they may have questions about how to handle situations where they believe a client's rights have been violated.

Additionally, counselors may need to seek guidance from attorneys general if they face legal challenges related to their work with LGBTQ+ clients, such as needing legal support if they are sued by a client or face disciplinary action from a licensing board.

The specific circumstances under which a counselor should reach out to their attorney general will vary depending on the state where they practice and the specific legal issues they are facing. As such, it may be helpful for mental health counselors to consult with their professional organizations and legal advisors to determine when it's appropriate to seek guidance from the attorney general.

Contacting Your State Attorney General Regarding LGBTQ+ Laws