Advocacy Action Toolkit

Create change and make a positive impact on the world!

This Action Toolkit is designed to help you create change and make a positive impact on the world!

It provides information on how to engage your legislator, how to build a case for your issue, and how to reach out to decision-makers, as well as, include tips on how to be an effective advocate, and tips to consider when communicating with your legislature.

Action Toolkit

  • Advocacy Tips

  • Avoiding Common Advocacy Mistakes

  • Engaging with your Legislator Out of Session

  • How to Track Legislation

  • How to Write an Op-Ed

  • Important Links For Counselors

  • Become an Advocate for the Profession

  • Steps for a Congressional bill To Pass

  • Tips to Consider when Communicating with your Legislator

  • Legislator Meeting Request - Phone Script

  • Writing Your Legislator a Letter

  • How to Respond to a Regulatory Comment Request