Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

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How do you help others find fitness for mind and for body?

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Post with your story about how you help others with fitness for mind and for body using the hashtags #CounselorsHelp and Fitness #4Mind4Body, as well as the above sharable image.

Here are a few examples of what to include with your post:

SAMPLE 1: A counselor can help with Fitness #4Mind4Body. I help clients better understand and explore the connection between mental health and fitness and nutrition. #CounselorsHelp

SAMPLE 2: As a counselor, I help motivate clients to change behavior patterns to include physical activity, which can help with depression and anxiety. Find Fitness #4Mind4Body with a #CounselorsHelp.

Find Fitness #4Mind4Body with a #CounselorsHelp

Tools and Resources

Your Diet, Your Physical Fitness and Your Mental Health?
Counseling Corner, May 02, 2018

Consistently eat a poor diet and you're most likely going to look bad and feel bad. That's probably not news to most people. But how much your food choices affect your mental health may not be something of which you're really aware. While it's easy to understand how eating several donuts a day may be swelling that waistline, it may not be as easy to see how it is affecting your mental health, even contributing to something as serious as depression.

Time To Stop Making "No Time For Exercise" Excuses
Counseling Corner, May 02, 2018
Looking for better mental health? A good starting point is to begin working toward better physical health and for most of us that means getting ourselves into better shape. The busy lifestyle most of us have can make it easy to find excuses rather than find time to get some exercise. But learning to stop making excuses about exercise can have you looking and feeling better, being healthier and yes, having better mental health as well.

Stress Eating And Your Waistline
Counseling Corner, May 02, 2018
If we let ourselves get out of shape and a bit overweight, most of us have lots of good excuses as to why it happened. Yes, we're busy, don't have time for the gym, have to eat out too often... the list can be long and varied. But one factor that's often overlooked is stress eating. Recognizing how stress in your life can affect you physically, especially your waistline, can help take you to better health.

Let's Get Your Mind Back In Shape
Counseling Corner, May 02, 2018
Many of us don't make much of a connection between our physical fitness and our mental health, but the experts tell us we should. Our physical health and fitness can play a big part in making us feel better about ourselves. Just as we can schedule activities to make ourselves more physically fit, we can also take positive actions to improve our mental fitness as well.

Take Your Stress For A Walk In The Woods
Counseling Corner, May 02, 2018
One of the most common mental health issues that we face today is simple stress. In most of our lives there can be any number of things that leave us feeling anxious and stressed. While there may not be any magic way to make that stress all just disappear, there are things we can do, including being more physically active, that can help counter that daily stress.

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A Counselor Can Help With…

Share your story about Fitness #4Mind4Body. Here’s how:

  1. Print out the template sign (DOWNLOAD SIGN PDF HERE) and write your answer to how you help clients with Fitness #4Mind4Body on the sign.
  2. Take a photo with the sign.
  3. Post your photo to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtags #CounselorsHelp with Fitness #4Mind4Body.

Educational Resources & Information

Common Questions About Counseling
Counseling, An Overview: A Q&A with Dr. David Kaplan, American Counseling Association Chief Professional Officer

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  • When Brain Meets Body
    Counseling Today, February 22, 2017
    It is becoming more and more evident that mental and physical conditions are often intimately related, and counselors are increasingly focusing on these connections to better serve their clients.