Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking – Wednesday, November 4, 2015 from 1-2pm ET

With between 800,000 and 4 million individuals sold for sex or labor every year, modern-day slavery (aka human trafficking) is the world’s second largest criminal industry in the world, and the fastest growing. Eighty percent of human trafficking is for sexual slavery, the average age of which is 13. The sheer scope and abolitionist movement surrounding human trafficking makes it one of the top social justice issues of our time. 

Clinical and school counselors have an important role to play in the identification, referral, and management of the issues associated with human trafficking. Individuals being trafficked for sex suffer from varying levels of dissociation; PTSD; trauma bonding; high rates of HIV, STDs, and unplanned pregnancies; and the same symptoms as intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, and physical abuse combined. It becomes clear that trauma-informed care is required when working with this population. Further, as social justice advocates, counselors play a valued role in the awareness and prevention of such slavery.

Counselors attending this webinar will be provided with an overview of this social justice problem, its impact on victims, and the necessary supports to assist individuals in their movement toward being survivors and thrivers. Counselors will learn the warning signs, screening methods, and counseling approaches and interventions that are appropriate with this population. Counseling resources for this population will also be given. Finally, suggestions on ways counselors can be social justice advocates against the trafficking of people will be reviewed.

Jared S. Rose, MA, LPC/CR, NCC is a licensed clinical counselor and nationally certified counselor whose areas of expertise include HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, sex/sexuality/gender minorities, sexual health, and the impact of culture on sexualization of children & the sexual exploitation of women/girls. He has been a member of the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition since its inception. Since that time he has served in a variety of roles including chairing of committees, the current secretary, and six years on the organizing committee for the annual International Conference on Human Trafficking & Social Justice. Mr. Rose is an elected Board of Directors member for Advocating Opportunity, one of only three organizations which provides comprehensive legal services and whole-person advocacy services for trafficked and exploited persons. He is completing his doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision at the University of Toledo, and is an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University.