Distance Counseling, HITECH, and HIPAA

Marlene Maheu, PhD
Dr. Maheu is the Executive Director of the TeleMental Health Institute, where mental health  professionals earn continuing education (CE) for telemental health. Her leadership at the Institute has inspired the development of more than 84 hours of instruction.. As Editor-in-Chief of the TeleMental Health News, she oversees the publication of a weekly newsletter as a free service to help educate a community of more than 10,000 licensed professionals.  She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SelfhelpMagazine, an online portal that is an award-winning, peer-reviewed publication holding contributions from thousands of mental health professionals worldwide.

She has authored the following Books:

E-Health, Telehealth & Telemedicine A Guide to Startup and Success
This academic/professional book was co-authored by Pamela Whitten, Ph.D. and Ace Allen, M.D. This text is a hands-on resource that shows how communication technologies can be designed, implemented, and managed to help professionals expand and transform their professional roles. Step by step, the authors reveal how to introduce innovative communication tools to a wide range of settings. This indispensable book contains suggestions for program development, ethical, legal and regulatory solutions, and technical options.

The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies: A Handbook for Practice Today
Dr. Maheu's book, The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies: A Handbook for Practice Today was co-authored with Myron Pulier, M.D., Joseph McMenamin, M.D., Esq., Frank Wilhelm, Ph.D., and Nancy Brown-Connolly, RN, MSN. Written by this highly specialized multidisciplinary team, this text serves as a how-to manual for both the beginner and the seasoned telehealth professional. It gives a wide range of examples for how to use (and not use) email, chat rooms, telephones and videoconferencing with clients.