Dissociation and Trauma Spectrum

Dissociation and Trauma Spectrum – Wednesday, October 21, 2015 from 1-2pm ET

Mike Dubi, Ed.D., LMHC is an Associate Professor and has been teaching in the Counselor Education and Supervision, Mental Health Counseling, Forensic Psychology and Counseling Psychology programs at Argosy University/ Sarasota since 1997. He has been engaged in the practice of counseling for over 30 years and is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor. Dr. Dubi is a founder and President of the International Association Trauma Professionals and editor of the TraumaPro newsletter. Over the course of his career, Dr. Dubi has treated more than 2500 survivors of sexual abuse and he is currently working with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans whom he treats pro bono. He also works with athletes and musicians to help them perform better. Mike’s current research involves redefining sex offender typologies.