Grad Student Volunteer Program

Get Involved, Network and Save Money

Thank you for your interest in the ACA Graduate Student Volunteer Program.  ACA will recruit approximately 75 graduate student volunteers to work 10-15 hours during the 2023 Annual Conference & Expo in Toronto, Canada.  Accepted volunteers will be required to register and pay the conference registration fee.  Volunteers will receive a full refund after the conference when all responsibilities have been fulfilled. Graduate students may volunteer for a maximum of three years and must be an ACA student member in good standing.

Please note that accepted graduate student volunteers are not eligible for any additional discounts.
All conference attendees, including accepted volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated prior to the event.

Registration for the Graduate Student Volunteer Program will open on December 7, 2022. Be sure to check back on the website for updates.

Questions? Contact the ACA Volunteer Coordinators.

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