Human Rights

Friday, March 17
4:00pm - 4:30pm
Program ID #674, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 4
Increasing Empathy When Counseling LGBTQI Clients: The Use of a Sexuality Course
30-Minute Poster Session
Betty Cardona
The presenter will discuss findings of a three-year longitudinal study on how a sexuality course could facilitate counselors-in-training to gain sensitivity and empathy working with LGBTQI clients. The presenter will discuss specific ways in which this topic could be incorporated into the curriculum with attention to CACREP 2016 standards and Multicultural Social Justice and Counseling Competencies 2016 in the implementation of a sexuality course.


Saturday, March 18
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Program ID #765, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 9
Transgender Alliance: Strategies for Family, Community, and School Counselors
30-Minute Poster Session
Zachary Pietrantoni, Szu-Yu Chen
Transgender people are more likely than cisgender people to experience stigmas, which might have long-term negative effects (Seelman et al., 2015; White Hughto et al., 2015). Greytak, Kosciw, and Boesen (2013) called for more transgender-focused supports and resources because transgender needs are different from lesbian, gay, and bisexual needs. The purpose of this poster session is to provide information and resources about developing transgender alliances that focus on specific needs of transgender people across the lifespan.


Sunday, March 19
10:00am - 10:30am
Program ID #820, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 6
Human Sex Trafficking: Counseling and Social Justice Implications
30-Minute Poster Session
Mariaimee Gonzalez
Human trafficking is the recruitment and movement of individuals by force, coercion, or deception for the purpose of exploitation through such forms as involuntary servitude, slavery, or forced labor ( This poster session explores the presenting issues and potentially beneficial services for survivors of human trafficking, aiming to inform the emerging field of post-trafficking mental health care and social justice advocacy.



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