Creativity in Counseling

Friday, March 17
12:00pm - 12:30pm
Program ID #621, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 7
“I’m a Warrior, Not a Worrier”: A Yoga Counseling Group for Elementary School Students
30-Minute Poster Session
Taylor Lynne Stabley, Kevin Curtin
Yoga works! And this poster will demonstrate how a group of elementary students transformed themselves from worriers to warriors! The presenters will describe a 10-session yoga counseling group that was recently implemented to a group of fourth-grade students. Attendees will develop an increased understanding of the benefits of practicing yoga, how it can be implemented in a group format, and how the objectives of this particular group are connected to the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success.


Friday, March 17
1:00pm - 1:30pm
Program ID #631, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 3
Avengers Assemble!: Creating Comic Books To Build Resiliency in Traumatized Children
30-Minute Poster Session
Laura Dunson
What makes a hero? How does a hero save the day? When should the hero call for help? Exploring these and many other questions with children mirrors conversations about resiliency while creating powerful metaphors for children affected by trauma. This poster session explores creating comic books with children to discuss issues of resilience, problem solving, asking for help, and hope. Counselors will leave with ideas on how to step into our clients’ worlds and build sustainable metaphors for the counseling process.


Friday, March 17
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Program ID #667, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 11
Coordination of Care Apps for Caregivers of Individuals with Psychiatric Disorders
30-Minute Poster Session
Jordan Richards
This poster session will describe mobile apps that are currently available to assist caregivers of individuals with psychiatric disorders in coordinating different aspects of care. These apps can be used to reduce caregiver burden. Apps are an affordable, accessible, and portable resource for counselors to recommend to clients and their families. Caregiver burden can affect the health of both the giver and the receiver of care, so it is important for counselors to promote resources that can help to reduce caregiver burden.


Friday, March 17
5:00pm - 5:30pm
Program ID #687, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 3
Exploring Career Decision Making in the Sand: A Qualitative Investigation
30-Minute Poster Session
Jacqueline M. Swank, Ana Puig
This poster session focuses on using sandtray to assist with the career decision-making process. Attendees will learn how to use sandtray to explore career decisions and examine the results from a qualitative research study exploring outcomes with college students. 


Sunday, March 19
11:00am - 11:30am
Program ID #839, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 11
Adventure Therapy: A New Perspective in Intensive Outpatient Programs
30-Minute Poster Session
Brandi Engel Cihlar
Combining social learning theory and adventure therapy, the presenters have designed a curriculum for an intensive outpatient program that is breaking barriers. Individuals find awareness, act on the awareness, and then assimilate that knowledge into their treatment, allowing for maximum benefits in this type of environment. A curriculum of 50-plus groups has been developed to create real experiences for clients with a mixture of activities and assimilation that is engaging, exciting, and supportive.


Sunday, March 19
12:00pm - 12:30pm
Program ID #851, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 9
Take Your Dog to Work Day: What Animal-Assisted Therapy is NOT
30-Minute Poster Session
Erica Schlau
Animal welfare is a component that is absent in the dialogue surrounding the emerging field of animal-assisted therapy. This poster session will promote a deeper understanding of animal-assisted therapy, provide a guide to understanding canine behavior in the therapy room, and offer tools that therapists can use when working with therapy animals. Further, methods of selecting and training an appropriate therapy animal will be discussed.


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