Counseling Theory

Friday, March 17
5:00pm - 5:30pm
Program ID #693, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 9
Prompting Self-Awareness Through Reflective Group Activities
30-Minute Poster Session
Caroline M. Brackette
Self-awareness is the beginning of a journey and can be the catalyst for a higher level of learning and engagement throughout a person’s lifetime. The presenter will highlight pedagogical models that focus on creating new knowledge through personal experience, self-awareness, and reflection that can be used to foster greater self-awareness. The presenter will also discuss the facilitation and processing of a series of creative exercises that participants will be able to incorporate into their own group sessions.


Saturday, March 18
5:00pm - 5:30pm
Program ID #793, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 9
Millennials: A Developmental Crisis
30-Minute Poster Session
Lori Chalmers, Conni Rush
Are you like every other American who is struggling to manage, raise, counsel, and relate to the millennial generation? Do you ever feel like you are speaking to someone from another planet? There’s a reason! We have them all wrong and it begins with our theory of development. Through this poster session, you will know exactly what has created the tension we are facing with this generation and how to change your perception, ultimately changing every interaction with this very special group of young adults.


Sunday, March 19
12:00pm - 12:30pm
Program ID #850, 2nd Floor, Poster Area 8
The What, How, and Why of Relational Depth in the Counseling Relationship
30-Minute Poster Session
Paulina Flasch, Elizabeth Crunk, Edward Robinson
Relational depth is an extension of Roger’s facilitative conditions and is described as a “meeting without words” and a "state of profound contact and engagement" between two people. Relational depth between counselor and client is predictive of client success and essential in the counseling relationship. This poster will explore the “what,” “how,” and “why” of relational depth.



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