Featured Education Sessions

ACA Presidential Sessions

Silence Still Equals Death: Counseling College Students on HIV, STIs, and Dating
Leslie Kooyman, William Hight

Common Experiences, Diverse Identities: A Life-Span Approach to Counseling in the LGBT Community
Jane E. Rheineck, Robtrice D. Brawner, Monica Z. Osburn, Larry Burlew, Christian D. Chan

Quelling the Fires of Academia: The Role of Counselors in Addressing Racial Tension and Violence on College Campuses
Courtland C. Lee, Nicole Pulliam, Dawn Norman

Roads Traveled: ACA Past Presidents Reflect on Leadership and Diversity within the Counseling Profession
Mary A. Hermann, Stephanie F. Dailey, Marcheta P. Evens, Beverly J. O’Bryant, Courtland C. Lee, Colleen Logan, Mark Pope

Left Out in the Hallway: Achieving Equity and Success for LGBTQ and African-American College Students
Margaret A. O’Hara

A Tale Of Two Worlds: The School Counselor and The School Counselor Educator
Stephanie Eberts, Brandie Oliver, Denise Lenares-Solomon, Daniel Cinotti


For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only Series

The ACA For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only conference series provides education sessions for those entering the profession presented by some of the most famous authors, theorists, and leaders in professional counseling. This year’s sessions include:

Becoming a Professional Counselor
Gerald Corey, Jamie Bludworth

Stressed out and Overwhelmed? Try Self Care through Mindfulness
Niloufer Merchant

What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need To Know About Bullying
Thelma Duffey

What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need To Know About Finding That First Job
Danielle Irving-Johnson

The Issue of Race in Counseling: The Taboo Unraveled!
Kent Butler


ACA Client-Focused Research Series

ACA wants to increase the visibility of research that focuses on improving the services that professional counselors provide to their clients. Whether it is called evidence-based practice research, best practices research, or outcome research, the ACA Client-Focused Research Series sheds light on what works best with the various populations served by professional counselors.

Adolescent Self-Injurious Behavior: Analysis of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey Trends
Kelly Emelianchik-Key, Rebekah Byrd, Amanda La Guardia

Counselor Self-Efficacy of Mental Health Professionals Working with Refugees
Dana Isawi, Phyllis Post

Examining Effectiveness: Child-Centered Play Therapy with African-American Children
LaKaavia Taylor

Exploring Moral Panic and Transgender Rights in the U.S.: A Survey Study
Allison Marsh Pow, Derek Lane Robertson, David Hunt

Impact of Counseling at a High-Poverty, Urban Elementary School
William O'Connell

Invisible Victims: Boys’ Narratives of Sexual Abuse Survival, Recovery, and Hope
Jennifer M. Foster

Narratives of Resistance: Deconstructing Gendered Racial Microaggressions in Groups
Tiffany O'Shaughnessy, Shola Shodiya-Zeumault

Partnering with Local Schools To Critically Examine Play Therapy Services for Children
Dalena L. Dillman Taylor

Predictors of Mental Health Care Use in Primarily Nonurban, Nonheterosexual Men
Joseph M. Currin, Hugh C. Crethar, Randolph D. Hubach

Religious Orientation as a Predictor of Comfort with Homosexuality in the Church
Lorrie Byrd Slater, Courtney J. Edwards

Sexual Minority Status and Suicidal Ideations Among Urban Hispanic Adolescents
David Thomas Lardier, Jr., Stacy A. Pinto, Autumn Bermea, Pauline Garcia-Reid, Robert J. Reid

The CABLE: Development of a New Instrument for Assessing Grief Coping Strategies
A. Elizabeth Crunk

The Contribution of Attachment Style on Posttraumatic Growth Among Survivors of CSA
Kristina Nelson, Kelley Holladay

The Effects of Career and College Readiness Interventions on Adolescents in Foster Care
Regina Gavin Williams

The Relationship of Acculturative Stress, Coping, and Quality of Life Among Immigrants
Courtland Lee, Vivian Lee, Anabel Mifsud

Understanding Counseling Effects: Modeling What Is Really Happening in Counseling
Richard S. Balkin, Erika L. Schmit, Katelyn Richey


Clinician Education Sessions

Attend clinical-focused educational sessions for the latest evidence-based practices and trends for clinical utility in their daily practices.

  • “What Did I Miss?”: Surviving Client Suicide
  • 4 Go-To Therapy Tools for Working with Trauma Survivors
  • Adoptive Families’ Journey of Healing: A Filial Approach
  • An Anti-Bullying Experiential Group Activity for Children with a Disability
  • Assessment and Treatment of the Specific Fear of Vomiting (Emetophobia) in Youth
  • Behavioral Activation: Effective Treatment Approach for Latinas/os with Depression
  • Best Practices in Counseling Gay Male Youth with Substance Use Disorders
  • Cakes, Counselors, and Conscience: Managing Ethics, Laws, and Value-Based Conflicts
  • Community Reinforcement and Family Training: Helping Loved Ones of Addicted Individuals
  • De Opresso Liber: Counseling with Trans* Military Personnel and Veterans
  • Fortifying Resilience in Pre- and Post- Deployment Military Families
  • Implementing Solution-Oriented Process Groups with Parents of Adolescents
  • Infusing Body Work in Trauma Treatment
  • Keeping Your Cool in School: Piloting a Mental Health Program for Staff and Students
  • Language of Loss: Using Creative and Expressive Techniques To Give Grief a Voice
  • Not the Brady Bunch: Conceptualizing Black Family Therapy via the Lyons (“Empire” TV Show)
  • One on One: An Individualized, Strength-Based Approach to Counseling Student Athletes
  • Play-ful Supervision: Creative Techniques for Working with Supervisees
  • Project I Am: Reclaiming Identity
  • Reauthoring Stories: Using Narrative Therapy To Assist Recent Young Adult Immigrants
  • Self-Supervision and Self-Growth: Developing the Autonomous Practitioner
  • Supervision from the Intern’s Perspective: Learning from Students’ Field Experiences
  • Take a Breath, Take a Break: A Useful MeditationToolkit for Beginning Counselors
  • The War Within: Incorporating Spiritual and Sexual Identities in Counseling
  • Use of Collaborative Apps to Enhance the Impact of Counseling Sessions
  • Wellness Groups for Adults: The Legacy Exploration and Preservation Group Model
  • When Crisis Hits Home: Building Resiliency


  • “How Do I Handle This?” Limit Setting in Play Therapy
  • Counseling Girls for Depression During the Transition to Adolescence
  • Diagnosis with Integrity: A Critical Framework Supporting the Ethical Use of Diagnosis
  • For Shame! The Neglected Emotion in PTSD
  • Integrating Motivational Interviewing and CBT in Clinical Practice
  • Making Space: Social Justice Advocacy Through Intentional School Counseling Practice
  • Promoting Self-Efficacy Through Athletic Participation: A Counseling Model
  • The Fishing for Wellness Project: Healing Through Mindfulness on and off the Water
  • Using and Adapting Wellness Strategies for People With Intellectual Disabilities


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