For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only Series

The ACA For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only Series, presented by some of the most famous authors, theorists, and leaders in professional counseling, provides education sessions for those entering the profession. This year’s sessions include:

Becoming a Professional Counselor
Gerald Corey, Jamie Bludworth

Career GPS: How to Navigate Your Career in the Counseling Profession
Danielle Irving-Johnson

Mentoring: Your Secret Weapon to Success
Catherine Roland

Navigating Ethics During Internship and Postgraduate Supervision
Barbara Herlihy

Running an Effective Group: What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know
Samuel T. Gladding


ACA Client-Focused Research Series

ACA wants to increase the visibility of research that focuses on improving the services that professional counselors provide to their clients. Whether it is called evidence-based practice research, best-practices research, or outcome research, the ACA Client-Focused Research Series sheds light on what works best with the various populations served by professional counselors.

An Exploration of Student Intersectionality in School Counselor Referral

Bringing Down Systemic Walls: The Refugee Resettlement Process

Diverse Identity Development: The Lived Experience of Counselors in Training

Do Relationship Interventions Work: A Randomized Control Trial

Examining the Impact of a Couple Intervention Program on Parental Outcomes

How Counselors Make Cultural Adaptations in Emotionally-Focused Therapy

Modeling Wellness for Supervisees: Using the Supervision Relationship as Catalyst

Predictors of Posttraumatic Growth: The Role of Social Interest and Meaning in Life

Relapse is Not Mandatory: A Qualitative Study on Veterans in Recovery From Alcohol

Researching Therapeutic Relationship Behaviors Among Expert Therapists

Resiliency Among Urban Appalachians Affected by Opioid Use

The Contribution of U.S. Counselor Training to the Internationalization of Counseling

The Effects of Stigma Interventions in Resident Advisors’ Attitudes on Mental Illness

The Impact of Emotional Expression in Counseling Outcome: Results From a Meta-Analysis

The Role of Culture in Grief Coping: Findings From a Diverse Sample of Bereaved Adults

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Anxiety, Coping, and Gaming

Understanding Canine-Assisted Play Therapy: It’s Not a Therapeutic Dyad Anymore


Clinician Education Session

Attend clinical-focused educational sessions for the latest evidence-based practices and trends for clinical utility in daily practices.

A Child Inside of a Mixed-Status Home: A Systems Perspective

Adolescent Self-Directed Violence: Prevention and Intervention Strategies

Affirmative Intakes: Creating Intentional, Inclusive Forms to Retain Diverse Clients

Assessment, Intervention, and Referral in Early Onset Psychosis

Building Collaborative Therapeutic Relationships Through Purposeful Practice

Caregiver Support Groups: A Model, Techniques, and Common Results

Clean Sweep: Protecting Families and Homes of Suicidal Youth

Coming Out to Clients: An Ethical Decision-Making Model

Complex Trauma in Families: Techniques, Tactics, and Advocacy

Counseling Military Clients in Community and Private Practice Settings

Cultivating Rapport: Building Therapeutic Alliance With Resistant Teens

Culture and Social Justice Centered Group Microskills

Exposure With Response Prevention Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Fostering Resilience in Families With Children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Grief and Loss Processing With Children and Adolescents

Human Trafficking Typologies: A Global Epidemic and Implications for Counselors

Human-Animal Relational Theory: A Guide for Animal-Assisted Counseling Practice

Improving Transitions: Building TGNC Competencies and Alliances in K–12 Settings

Improving Treatment Outcomes for Children in Foster Care Through Caregiver Engagement

Innovative Counseling and Wellness Interventions for Veteran Specific Mental Health

Integrating Animal-Assisted Interventions Into Trauma-Informed Care

Marketing Our Counseling Practice: We’re Doing It All Wrong

My Client is Afraid of Flying! What Can I Do to Help Them?

Neurocounseling for Resilience

The Wellness Workshop: Practical Wellness Counseling Techniques for Your Toolbox

Times are Changing! Recognizing the Importance of Continual Multicultural Education

Tips for Addressing Societal Issues for Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Understanding and Processing Challenging Counseling Relationships

Using Case Conceptualization to Navigate the Turbulent Waters of the Human Condition