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Social Media #Counseling2019
Sharing is caring! Help spread the excitement of the ACA 2019 Conference & Expo with the world on social media. The conference hashtag is #Counseling2019. We’ll be sharing important updates leading up to the conference and posting live from the event on all channels; follow us on Twitter @CounselingViewsFacebook @American.Counseling.Association and Instagram @AmericanCounselingAssociation. Get posting!

Attendees Can Win Registration to our 2020 Conference in San Diego!
Here's how...
1) Take a photo with our photo wall in the ACA Experience in the Expo Hall and post with the hashtags #DevelopAdvancePromote #Counseling2019


Get your professional photo taken Saturday from 1:30 - 2:30 PM CT in the ACA Experience in the Expo Hall.

2) In your post, tell us how you're:
- Developing your career
- Advancing the field, and/or
- Promoting human dignity

Don't forget to tag us if there's room!
- Twitter: @CounselingViews
- Facebook: @American.Counseling.Association
- Instagram: @AmericanCounselingAssoication

If you post, you will be automatically be entered into a drawing for one of five free conference registrations for our 2020 Conference in San Diego. 

Other ways to win prizes on site:
1) Add your name to the Government Affairs Raffle, located in the ACA Experience.
2) Participate in the digital gaming experience in the app. Details below!
3) Take the ACA post-conference attendee survey. Check your email on Saturday, 3/30 and Sunday, 3/31 for the link. 


ACA App Gamification: The New, Fun Way to Experience ACA 2019

Attendees at the Conference & Expo can join in on our digital gaming experience! Download the ACA Conference App to start playing; the game will be available from Thursday, March 28th to Sunday, March 29th. Access the game in the app under "More/Game Zone". 


Part quiz, part digital scavenger hunt, participants can earn up to 1000 points. The top four scoring participants will be entered into a drawing to receive one of four amazing prizes: $100 gift certificate to the ACA online bookstore; $100 gift certificate to the ACA Professional Development Center; one (1) ACA annual membership; or one (1) ACA 2020 Conference registration. Competition will be stiff so make sure to get an early start!