Featured Sessions

The ACA Conference General Sessions includes 36 topic-focused tracks offering you up to 20 CE credits in the specialty areas you - and your clients - need most. Earn up to 8 additional CE credits in our Pre-Conference Learning Institutes (additional fees apply). Learn from the experts in sessions focused on ethics, trauma, suicide, anxiety, grief, multicultural counseling & much more. Here’s a glimpse at some of the hot topics and relevant content that you can look forward to in our General Sessions!

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Behind the Mask: Understanding and Treating Depression in Adolescent Males

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

David Flack 

Creative Arts and Play Therapy: A Gateway for Children in Grief and Loss

60-Minute Clinician Education Session

Brittany Tachkov, Szu-Yu Chen, Szu-Yu Chen

Healing the Complex Trauma: Play Therapy with Children of Addicted Parents

60-Minute Clinician Education Session

Szu-Yu Chen, Wendy Wade

Student Anxiety: A Rising Trend

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

Jan Gay, Amy W. Upton

Trauma-Focused CBT for Children in High Conflict Custody Disputes

60-Minute Roundtable Session

Kelli Anderson

Use of Trauma Informed Approaches in School and Clinical Mental Health Collaboration

60-Minute Roundtable Session

Brandee Appling, Malti Tuttle


Clinical Mental Health

Considering the Therapeutic Internalization Process in Counseling and Psychotherapy

60-Minute Roundtable Session

Elyssa Smith, Joshua Mangin

Postvention Planning: Guidelines for Response and Healing After Client Suicide

60-Minute Education Session

Laura Corbett Contorchick, Kimberly J. Desmond

The Role of the Counseling Profession in Preventing Older Adult Suicide

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

Matthew Fullen, Laura Shannonhouse, Mary Chase Mize

To Go Deep or Go Shallow: Adjusting Therapeutic Approaches to Fit Individual Clients

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

John Sommers-Flanagan, Kimberly K. Parrow, Daniel Salois

What's New in Suicide Assessment and Treatment?: Using a Strength-Based Approach

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

John Sommers-Flanagan, Hana Shewamoltot Meshesha

Counselor Education

Sexual Competency is Missing: Incorporating Sexuality into Clinical Training

90-Minute Education Session

Lauren Melamed, Jenae Thompson

Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

Caregivers' Anticipatory Grief and Living with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer

60-Minute Education Session

Lucinda West


Current Trends in Ethics: A Discussion with the ACA Ethics Committee

90-Minute Education Session

Kevin S. Doyle, Michelle E. Wade

Ethical Considerations When Addressing Spirituality/Religion with LGBTQ+ Clients

60-Minute Clinician Education Session, Advanced

Harriet Glosoff, Leslie Kooyman

Ethical, Legal, and Humanistic Protocols for Counselor Absence from Clinical Practice

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

Ann M. Ordway, Michelle Perepiczka, Dean Aslinia

Mandatory Reporters: Law, Ethics, and How to Interface with Child Protective Services

90-Minute Education Session

Donna Sheperis, Ann M. Ordway, Ruth Ouzts Moore, Delilah Montoya,

Individual Trauma and Crisis

"Good in a Crisis": Measuring Crisis Response Competencies for School Counselors

60-Minute Education Session

Stephanie Dailey, Megan Shaine, Mitchell Phillips, Atiya Smith,

Combating Suicide in Military Populations Using a Public Health Approach

60-Minute Roundtable Session

Duane K.L. France

Students with Disabilities, ACE, and Trauma-Informed Practices for School Counselors

30-Minute Poster Session

Rachel Regal, Erin Hanley, Aliza Weisser

Suicide Risk in Gender Nonconforming and Transgender People of Color

60-Minute Clinician Education Session

Quinn Walsch, Christie Fletcher, Chris Carver

Trauma and Polyvagal Theory: Neuroscience Updates for Professional Counselors

60-Minute Clinician Education Session

Lisa Lopez Levers, Shannon Hodges

Multicultural and International Issues

Breaking Barriers: Exploring Cultural Competence and Barriers for Clients

30-Minute Poster Session

Nohemi Perez

Cultural Identity Throughout the Lifespan: Multicultural Practices Across Age Groups

60-Minute Roundtable Session

Matthew Nice, Richard Charette

Evolving Disability and Sexuality Competency: Strategies for Intersectional Realities

60-Minute Education Session

Kate Wolovksy, Megan Speciale

Immigrant and Refugee Trauma: Social/Clinical Features and Treatment

90-Minute Education Session, Advanced

Vanessa M. Perry, Francisca Porchas, Andrea Hale, Amaris Perez,

Preventing Counselor Burnout: Multicultural Wellness Education in Supervision

60-Minute Roundtable Session

Janelle Jones, Courtney Potts

The Effects of Historical Trauma in African Americans: Implications for Counselors

90-Minute Education Session