ACA: American Counseling Association  
Competition Structure and Rules

The members of the ethics committee will create two mock ethical scenarios, one for the master's students and one for doctoral students, addressing a current ethical issue facing the profession of counseling.


  1. Each Counselor Education Program will be allowed to have one team of Master's level (e.g. may not have two teams of students from different specialty areas) and one team of Doctoral level students enter to compete.
  2. Only one team of master's students may apply from each counselor education program.
  3. Only one team of doctoral students may apply from each counselor education program.
  4. Masters and doctoral student teams will be judged in two separate categories. Teams must not be mixed level.
  5. Faculty

  6. Each team must have a faculty member who will serve as an administrative contact person for the institution.
  7. The faculty must be an ACA Member.
  8. The role of the faculty contact person is one of a representative of the team's counseling/education program only and should not act as a consultant in this competition.
  9. The faculty member's email address must be their own, not that of a student.
  10. Students

  11. Teams may have either 3 or 4 students - no more or fewer.
  12. Each team member must be currently enrolled (in good standing) in a Master's or Doctoral level program in Counselor Education and will be enrolled for the Fall 2011 term for a minimum of three credits.
  13. Each team member must be a member of the American Counseling Association (team members may submit membership applications online when they submit their competition registration form).
  14. *** Please note that simply registering on the web site to generate an ID number does not constitute membership. ***


  15. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted. All students and the faculty member must provide membership numbers at the time of registration.
  16. When a team has properly registered, the appropriate scenario will be sent to the faculty member within 3 business days.
  17. Resources

  18. Teams should utilize the 2005 Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association and information from relevant counseling literature for their case study response.
  19. Utilization of outside sources, URLs, articles, etc. are encouraged for the case study, but the graduate student team members may not consult with anyone outside of their 3-4 member case study team, including their faculty contact or other members of their faculty.
  20. Submissions

  21. All submissions should be sent to Submissions sent to other locations will not be accepted.
  22. All submissions should be sent in Word, PDF, or text format.
  23. Documents submitted should be named for the school and level. For example, a masters team from ACA State University could submit a document named "ACA State U - Masters.docx". If we can not determine from the document itself which school submitted it, then it will be invalid.
  24. By submitting a case study response, teams agree to allow their names to be posted online, to appear in Counseling Today, and for their responses to be posted online.