ACA: American Counseling Association  
Case Scenarios

To maintain the integrity and academic rigor of the competition, the case scenarios will be emailed directly to the faculty members of the teams upon completed registration. Please allow 3 business days to receive scenarios.

Student teams are to present their responses to the case study in a brief paper (maximum of 15 pages) addressing the details of the case.

Teams are to clearly identify:

  1. what they believe the dilemma to be
  2. the proposed action they would take in this case (what team members believe are the most ethical actions)
  3. the justification for their proposed action(s)
  4. and a description of the decision-making model used to arrive at that decision

The decision-making model should be one that has been discussed in the professional literature and team members are to offer a rationale regarding why they chose to apply that model to the case study. Teams should cite appropriate literature and must give proper credit to the authors of any decision-making models used to analyze the case. Team members are to cite any sections of the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics (and may include other ethical guidelines) that they considered.