ACA: American Counseling Association  
Scoring Criteria

All essays are scored based on the following criteria. Final scores are determined by an average of multiple reviewers.

  • (20 points) The team clearly identified the ethical dilemma(s) including conflicting factors, dimensions, and variables included in the professional quandary. The dilemma was described in relationship to ethical standards, laws, and professional ideas or aspirations.

  • (20 points) The team proposed action it would take including having:
    • clearly articulated professional interventions
    • persuasive justification for proposed action
    • a description of the professionally recognized decision-making model or process used to arrive at decisions.

  • (15 points) The team cited appropriate sections of the ACA Code of Ethics (2005) and, if appropriate, other ethical guidelines considered in rendering their arguments. In addition, the team provided a clear rationale regarding selected sections of the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics and any other ethical guidelines cited.

  • (15 points) The steps of the group's decision-making model were clearly followed and skillfully applied to the case.

  • (20 points) The team presented a thorough yet concise paper addressing details of the case and
    • the case study included proper citation of sources throughout the paper and in the reference list
    • the case study paper was well organized and written, and information was presented clearly and concisely.

  • (10 points) The team cited appropriate scholarly literature relevant to solving the ethical dilemma.