2014 State of the Profession: Counselor Compensation


During the fall of 2013, ACA undertook a historic project on behalf of counselors — the first ever Counselor Compensation Study.

Nearly 9,000 counselors from across the nation participated in what we expect will become an annual survey of the counselor workforce. We asked nearly 50 questions regarding salary and benefits from healthcare to parental leave. We asked about education, work history, licensure, work setting, and many other factors as well.

Although these types of surveys exist for other professions such as psychology and social work, nothing of this kind exists for counselors. Our goal is to provide the profession with a comprehensive look at compensation and benefits, broken down by specialty, geography, work setting and many other factors.


We carefully considered the decision about whether to charge members for this publication. An effort such as this requires a substantial expense to the organization, from printing and publication costs to the collection of data and writing of the report, costs that are not covered by the normal budget allowed by our membership dues. We researched the practices of many other associations in order to determine a fair price for this publication. What we found is that these publications are often offered to members at substantially reduced prices. These prices ranged anywhere from $99 to $210. The price to members for our salary survey will be $49, while the price to non-members will be $149. This is a price that will allow us to recoup some of the costs of gathering this information and publishing it, while not causing a significant financial burden on our members.

The study is in its final stages of completion. Those who express interest (using the form below) will receive an executive summary of the findings, in the coming weeks, at no cost - to help inform the decision about whether or not to purchase the full publication. Those who express interest will also receive a 10 percent discount should they decide to order the full publication when it is available.

Offer expires June 1, 2014.

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