2018-2019 ACA Committees

Audit Committee

The Committee’s primary duties and responsibility are to:
In working with the auditors, review the adequacy and the reliability of ACA’s internal controls and financial reporting; review the independence and performance of ACA’s external independent auditor (“Auditor”); review the ACA’s compliance with tax requirements; review allegations of violations of the ACA’s stated policies on Business Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, and Business Ethics; and the committee will report to Governing Council and recommend appropriate actions at regularly scheduled meetings.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall develop procedures and administer the awards program for the Association.
Thank you to our Awards Committee!

Branch Development Committee

The Branch Development Committee shall promote information sharing and mentoring at the Region and Branch level regarding a) membership recruitment and retention plans and programs that have proven effective or successful; b) sources of and ways to enhance non-dues revenue; c) leadership recruitment, retention and revitalization; d) website design, operation and maintenance; and Branch evaluation and planning for present and future technology needs.
Thank you to our Branch Committee!

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall review all proposed additions, revisions and deletions to  the ACA Bylaws and the Bylaws of branches, divisions, organizational affiliates, and forward their review to the ACA Governing Council.
Thank you to our Bylaws Committee!

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee recommends policies and processes to the Executive Committee and the Governing Council for the regular and orderly review of the compensation and benefits, the CEO and other senior executives (disqualified individuals).

Conference Program Selection Committee

The Conference Program Selection Committee is a group of counseling leaders who select the programs that will make up the ACA Pre-Conference Learning Institutes and Conference Education Sessions.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee protects the public through the adjudication process and assists ACA with educating the membership concerning the Code of Ethics, monitoring and providing input into the revision of the Code of Ethics, and receiving and processing complaints of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics of the association. The Ethics Committee shall assist with the development of an annual statistical report of cases, which is published in an ACA publication. The Ethics Committee shall assist with the interpretation of the ACA Code of Ethics for members.
Thank you to our Ethics Committee!

Ethics Appeals Panel

Thank you to our Appeals Committee!

Financial Affairs Committee

The Financial Affairs Committee shall advise the Governing Council and Executive Director on such matters as budget planning and development and financial management. The Financial Affairs Committee shall monitor the Association’s finances and fiscal health.
Thank you to our Financial Committee!

Graduate Student Committee

The ACA Graduate Student Committee shall promote graduate student members interest in the ACA. The committee shall work toward establishing active communication between ACA leadership, divisions, branches, and regions in order to promote graduate student involvement in the organization. The committee shall prepare an annual report detailing its activities, goals, and objectives.
Thank you to our Graduate Committee!

Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee shall promote programs that proactively address human rights, societal trends, and social issues most relevant to the profession and react to the barriers that interfere with human rights. The Committee shall administer the Human Concerns Fund and shall address human concerns as they affect the counseling profession.
Thank you to our Human Rights Committee!

International Committee

The International Committee shall promote, respect, and recognize the global interdependence among individuals, organizations, and societies. The Committee shall build bridges and promote meaningful relationships between ACA and other organizations outside the United States. The purpose of international professional collaboration shall be to promote the commonalities across these international organizations and their missions.
Thank you to our International Committee!

Investment Subcommittee

Nominations and Election Committee

The Nominations and Election Committee shall conduct the nominations and election of the Association, and annually review and recommend procedures for carrying out the annual election in accordance with the nominations and elections policies as adopted by the Governing Council.
Thank you to our Nominations Committee!

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee shall promote the professionalization of counseling. The Committee shall be responsible for counselor advocacy and for monitoring graduate program accreditation, counseling center accreditation, and national voluntary counselor certification programs.
Thank you to our Standards Committee!

Public Policy and Legislation Committee

The Public Policy and Legislation Committee shall promote and support public policy and legislation that promotes the profession and enhances human development. The Committee shall be responsible for national and state legislative efforts related to counseling, including state licensure, and for government relations training of members.
Thank you to our Policy Committee!

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee shall make recommendations to the Governing Council and the Associate Publisher on such matters as media policy and procedures, planning, and development.  The Committee shall develop policies for the publication of the Journal of Counseling & Development, Counseling Today, books, and other media developed by the Association.
Thank you to our Publications Committee!

Research and Knowledge Committee

The Research and Knowledge Committee shall promote the advancement and dissemination of research and knowledge in counseling.
Thank you to our Research Committee!

Thank you ACA 2018-2019 Volunteer Leaders

Audit Committee

Jane Rheineck, Chair
Najah Barton
Kent Butler
Brian Dew
Mary Hermann

Awards Committee

Sandra Lopez-Baez, Co-chair
Kat Coy, Co-chair
Laurie Bonjo
Lauren Shure
Kristen Moran
Kimberlee Ratliff
Cassandra Storlie
Neil Duchac
Michael Hannon
Lisa Holter
Anna Koch
Jennifer Rogers
Fay Roseman
Kristian Robinson

Branch Development Committee

Christian Chan, Co-chair
Lisa Henderson, Co-chair
Monica Band
Daniel Cinotti
Michael DeVoll
Laura Fazio-Griffith
William Fields
David Ford
Sandra Kakacek
Sadiqa Long
Rashunda Miller Reed
Jordan Pearce
Hillary Press
John Randall
Rufus Spann

Bylaws Committee

John Crawford, Co-chair
Susan Branco, Co-chair
Leslie Armeniox
Megan Baker
Alfreda Carmichael
Tonya Hammer
Reshelle Marino
Cheryl Warner
Melissa Wheeler

Compensation Committee

Paige Dunlap, Chair
Suzanne Degges-White
Elizabeth Forsyth
Michele Kerulis
Elsa Soto Leggett
Lisa Severy

Ethics Appeal Committee

Judith Miranti, Chair
Hannah Bayne
M. Janelle Disney
Kathryn Henderson
Michael Kocet
Jennifer Williamson

Ethics Committee

Kevin Doyle, Junior Co-Chair
Kathy Ybanez-Llorente, Senior Co-Chair
Richard Deaner
Perry Francis
John Harrichand
Bret Hendricks
Barbara Herlihy
Latasha Hicks-Becton
Allison Kramer
Monica Osburn
Michelle Wade

Financial Affairs Committee

Thelma Duffey, Chair – Treasurer
Simone Lambert, President
Heather Trepal, President-Elect
Gerard Lawson, Past President
Bradley Erford, Past Treasurer
Marty Jencius
Summer Reiner

Graduate Student Committee

Ashley Waddington, Co-chair
Ariann Robino, Co-chair
Jennifer Keith
Lisa McKenna
Michael Borenstein
Halima Dargan
Laura Pignato
Lukas Presley
Sade Smith
Nayoung Kim
Emily Flynn
Holly Rhode
Jose Tapia-Fuselier
Shreya Vaishnav
Jo Lauren Weaver

Human Rights Committee

Michael Chaney, Co-chair
Carman Gill, Co-chair
Clark Ausloos
Andrew Campbell
Betty Cardona
Judy Daniels
Dana Demezier
Brittany Garcia
Lawrence Gerstein
Daniel Gutierrez
Amney Harper
Susan Levine
Zoya McCants
John Nance
Claire Openshaw
Sam Steen
Helena Stevens
John Super

The ACA President Simone Lambert and CEO Richard Yep serve as Ex-Officio members of all committees, with the exception of the ACA Compensation Committee (for the CEO) and the Nominations and Elections Committee (for the ACA President).

International Committee

Ellen Armbruster, Co-chair
Daya Sandhu, Co-chair
Stefania Aegisdottir
Benjamin Aiken
Shirlene Augustine
Daniel Balva
Jeri Ellis
Paulina Flasch
Eleni Honderich
Marcela Kepic
Peggy Mayfield
Frances McClain
Anthony McCrovitz
Maureen Ponce
Ann Shillingford-Butler
Daniel Williamson

Nominations and Elections Committee

Gerard Lawson, Chair and Past President
Jonathan Orr
Beverly O'Bryant
Brooke Collison
Melanie Drake Wallace

Professional Standards Committee

Margaux Brown, Co-Chair
Kim Tassinari, Co-Chair
Frank Andrisani
Richard Balkin
Angela Catena
Jane Goodman
Claudia Hines
Kerri Legette McCullough
Jade Letourneau
Keith Mobley
Rosanne Nunnery
Jeffrey Parsons
Cynthia Taylor
Sarah Zalewski

Public Policy & Legislation

Audrey Elion, Co-chair
Patricia Nunez, Co-chair
Janelle Bettis
Nicolette Castagna
Nikia Collins
Maggie Fitzsimmons
Duane France
Matthew Fullen
Candice Jackson Ashburn
Elisabeth Liles
Matthew Lyons
Maureen McGuire-Kuletz
Diana Pals
Wilma Rivera
Carol Sommer
Laura Thompson

Publication Committee

Shedeh Tavakoli, Chair
Richard Balkin, Editor, Journal of Counseling & Development
Pamela Lassiter, Chair, Council of Editors (ex officio)
Kirk Bowden
Matthew Glowiak
Gerard Lawson, Past President
Theodore Remley
Catherine Roland
Rhemma Payne

Research & Knowledge Committee

Sejal Barden, Co-chair
Franco Dispenza, Co-chair
Robtrice Brawner
Madeline Clark
Stephanie Dailey
Catherine Griffith
Wendy Killam
Leslie Kooyman
Nina Martin
Kathryn Miller
Nils Palma
Christopher Pisarik
Ana Puig
Amanda Rumsey
Corrine Sackett
Beverly Smith


Sue Pressman, Chair
Angie Anderson
Catherine Eaton
Bill Fenson
Michael Lazarchick
Karol Taylor

Crisis Preparedness and Trauma Counseling task force - 2018-2019

Casey Barrio Minton, Co-Chair
Stephanie Dailey, Co-Chair
Erin Binkley
Rachael Goodman
Seth Hayden
Anita Jones
Marcela Kepic
Laura Land
A. Stephen Lenz
Laura Shannonhouse
Mark Stebnicki
Jean LaFauci Schutt

Parity task force – 2018-2019

Gray Otis, Co-chair
Rita Westermann-Bolton, Co-chair
Allison Arnekrans
Jeremy Enzor
J. Shannon Hodges
Anne Brainerd Marko
James Ruby
Jordanna Saunders
Tara Wilson

Portability Task force, 2018-2019

Shane Haberstroh, Chair
Judy Daniels
Thelma Duffey
Sandra Kakacek
Robert Smith MaryJeanne Raleigh

Promoting Mental Health and Averting Addiction Task force, 2018-2019

Dee Ray, Chair
Simone Lambert
Emily Goodman-Scott
Maureen Kenny
Michele Kielty
Matthew Lemberger-Truelove
Erin Morpeth
Kristie Opiola