April is Counseling Awareness Month!

Get Involved! Do Your Part to Promote CAM 2014

2014 Counseling Awareness Month - Media Tips for Members (Download)
Engage with your local media outlets to help spread the word about Counseling Awareness Month and the power of counseling in today's society. This document explains how to approach members of the media with story ideas and addresses current trends in the field. Also included are examples of successful media placements featuring ACA leadership and members.

2014 Counseling Awareness Month Information (Download)

This document provides information about the American Counseling Association (ACA), 2014 Counseling Awareness Month, and the profession of counseling. Included are useful links to ACA’s monthly publication, Counseling Today, in addition to credible resources for statistics and facts on mental health.
Professional Counseling Fact Sheet (Download)
It can be difficult to understand the differences between mental health professions, so ACA created this document to explain how professional counseling differs from psychiatry, psychology, and social work. It also provides a general overview of how the counseling process works and the various ways in which individuals can pursue counseling.
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View the "I am here" video campaign!

Faces of Counseling 2014

A special counselor portrait gallery celebrating Counseling Awareness Month.

Tell the World "I am here" With Your Facebook Profile Pic

First, save the above image to your desktop (right click and select "Save Image As" or hold down the control key then click if no right click is available). Next, go to your Facebook profile and hover over your profile picture. Click "Edit Profile Pic," then "Upload Photo." Select the image from your desktop. Let's spread the word that professional counselors are EVERYWHERE, ready to make a difference!

Showcase Your Counseling Pride With ACA Merchandise!

Order your copy of the winning poster design (above) from our first-ever ACA Counseling Awareness Month Image Contest. Half the proceeds go to the ACA Foundation to support scholarships, the Counselors Care Fund, and much more (photo by Lindsay N. Stoffers, ACA Member, Laramie, Wyoming).

Click on the image below to browse merchandise in the ACA Bookstore (choose "ACA Merchandise" under "Product Type").