Kitty Cole Human Rights Award

Background and Purpose

The Kitty Cole Human Rights Award honors an ACA member who has made significant contributions in one or more areas of the broad spectrum of human rights. The award is named in honor of Kitty Cole, who devoted her life to looking for opportunities to serve all populations who needed her talents. Her interests were broad based, and included being a helper, counselor, teacher, and community and church worker, as well as an active leader in the counseling and human development profession. Kitty is also remembered for the warm manner in which she pursued these many endeavors. Nominations for this award will be assessed by members of the ACA Human Rights Committee.

Criteria and Requirements

Nominees should have contributed to the field of human rights, either through a special project, direct services, or their life’s work and role. Nominees should have contributed a significant amount of time and effort to the area or project for which they were nominated, thus demonstrating a long-term commitment to the field of human rights.

Human rights contributions include, but are not limited to, services to people with special needs or disabilities, victims of abuse and neglect, minorities, the economically disadvantaged, or other underserved populations.

Human rights, far from being an abstract subject for the intellectual or philosopher, affect the daily lives of every person. Human rights are those rights that guarantee each individual the opportunity to live and participate fully and freely in society without fear or threat. Human rights are based on increasing demands in societies all over the world, for lives in which the inherent dignity and beauty of each human being will receive respect and protection.

Nomination Guidelines

In your nomination submission, briefly:

  • Describe the incident(s) or behavior(s) that illustrate the nominee’s contribution to human rights and explain why you believe the nominee merits this award.
  • Describe the unusual effort and impact that illustrate the nominee’s sustained commitment to human rights.

Nomination Checklist

  • Nominee Biography
  • Nomination Letter
  • Supporting Materials
  • Maximum of two supporting letters

Submit your nomination(s) online by Nov. 12, 2017.

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Kitty Cole Human Rights Award Instructions (PDF)
National Awards General Instructions (PDF)