David K. Brooks, Jr. Distinguished Mentor Award

Background and Purpose

This award was created by the American Counseling Association Foundation (ACAF) and first presented in 1999 to honor David K. Brooks, Jr., a beloved colleague, teacher, and friend to many in counseling. Mentoring was an integral facet of David’s professional life and his personal philosophy. He believed that he had advanced in his career as a result of wise and caring mentors, and so, as an educator, he actively reached out to help others in their professional work. The award recipient of the David K. Brooks, Jr. Distinguished Mentor Award will have demonstrated an enthusiasm and support for the unique educational experience of mentoring that David Brooks both enjoyed and created through his own career and friendships. The ACA Foundation presents an honorarium of $500 with this award.

Criteria and Requirements

The award should recognize someone who has:

  • A demonstrated record of supporting and strengthening the counseling profession.
  • A demonstrated record as a role model and mentor.
  • An established history of professional excellence during which the individual has freely given of himself or herself to help others within the counseling profession.

Nomination Guidelines

The ACA Foundation is especially interested in recognizing individuals who exemplify the broadest definition of mentoring. Examples can include sharing expertise with new members of the profession and providing academic, professional, personal, or organizational support. The Foundation is emphatic in the desire to honor people representing the wide and rich diversity of ACA’s membership.

In your nomination submission, briefly:

  • Describe the nominee’s experience(s) in support of the counseling profession; and
  • Describe how mentoring has played a significant role in this person’s career and personal philosophy.

Nomination Checklist

  • Nominee Biography
  • Nomination Letter
  • Supporting Materials
  • Maximum of two supporting letters

Submit your nomination(s) online by Nov. 12, 2017.

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David K. Brooks Jr. Distinguished Mentor Instructions (PDF)
National Awards General Instructions (PDF)