ACA Extended Research Award

Background and Purpose

The Extended Research Award recognizes an ACA member who has conducted and published high-quality basic or applied research over an extended period of time (not less than 10 years) on issues of significance and interest to the counseling profession. For the purpose of this award, research involves systematic inquiry or investigation using quantitative or qualitative techniques that result in usable findings and recommendations for the field.

Criteria and Requirements

The research, which may be either basic or applied, must:

  • Have been carried out over the course of at least ten (10) years prior to the year the award will be presented. The approximate date the research began must be documented.
  • Answer questions and investigate ideas that are concerned with problems of interest and significance to the counseling profession and have findings that can be applied beyond the immediate research setting. Please do not nominate projects that are not original research (i.e., reviews of research).
  • Address issues that relate to areas of interest to one or moreACA division and/or organizational affiliate.
  • Have been carried out using research procedures of the highest quality, including clear definitions of populations, selection of appropriate sampling techniques and controls, use of appropriate research design, appropriate and accurate statistical treatment of data, and use of valid and reliable instruments.
  • Show a careful interpretation of the results and conclusions that do not go beyond the data.

Nomination Guidelines

In your nomination submission, briefly:

  • State the purpose of the research or area of inquiry, which must be a systematic inquiry to discover facts or principles.
  • Identify one or more ACA divisions or organizational affiliates to which the research is relevant.
  • Describe how these findings are important to the counseling profession.
  • Indicate the period during which the research was conducted.
  • Include an annotated bibliography of published research of all ACA publications and those in counseling, psychology, sociology, measurement, and educational research.
  • Include a sample of published research demonstrating the importance of the line of inquiry.

Nomination Checklist

  • Nominee Biography
  • Nomination Letter
  • Supporting Materials
  • Maximum of two supporting letters
  • Research Overview (including annotated bibliography and sample of published research)

Submit your nomination(s) by Nov. 12, 2017.

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ACA Extended Research Award Instructions (PDF)
National Awards General Instructions (PDF)