Please read the  award description and requirements carefully before submitting a nomination. All required supporting documentation must be included. To be considered for an award, nominations must address ALL award criteria and meet ALL award nomination guidelines.

  1. Verify that both you and the individual you want to nominate are ACA members.
    You will be required to note both ACA Member Identification Numbers on the online nomination form.
    Please note:
    1. Three of the awards have exemptions from membership requirements for nominators or nominees—the ACA Federal Legislative Service Award, the Don Dinkmeyer Social Interest Award, and the Dr. Judy Lewis Counselors for Social Justice Award. Details on those exemptions are included in the description of each award:
      • ACA Federal Legislative Service Award (the nominee may not be an ACA member)
      • Don Dinkmeyer Social Interest Award (the nominee may not be an ACA member)
      • Dr. Judy Lewis Counselors for Social Justice Award (the nominator and nominee may not be ACA members)
    2. Member self-nominations are permitted for the following awards:
      • ACA Counselor Educator Advocacy Award
      • ACA Local, Branch, and Regional Award
      • ACA State Branch Advocacy Award
      • Courtland C. Lee Multicultural Excellence Scholarship Award
      • Glen E. Hubele National Graduate Student Award
    3. An individual may be nominated for only one award per year.
  2. Prepare your nomination submission, which cannot exceed 16 pages for most awards.
    1. The Nomination Letter (required) – In the nomination letter, identify the nominated individual and the award. Explain why you believe the nominee merits the award by responding to the specific criteria outlined in the nomination guidelines for that award.
      Please keep in mind that the ACA National Award reviewers are relying on the information you provide, as well as any supporting information, to choose the most deserving recipient. Please address each nomination guideline and ensure your nominee meets the award criteria and requirements.
      Brevity, clarity, and specificity are most important here.
    2. Supporting Material (refer to award description) – If there are materials (news reports, journal articles, etc.) that you feel help support the nominee’s achievements, please include a copy of them. You may also include a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, if available. These may be no more than four pages highlighting the nominee’s relevant accomplishments.
      For most of the awards, the total submission cannot exceed 16 pages in length. Five awards, however, are exempt from this page count. The nomination packages for the following awards may exceed 16 pages, due to the inclusion of the required supporting materials:
      • ACA Best Practices Award
      • ACA Extended Research Award
      • ACA Fellow Award
      • ACA Research Award
    3. Supporting Letters (refer to award description) – A maximum of two supporting letters (unless stated otherwise in the award description) from others familiar with the nominee and his or her accomplishments may be submitted and included in the 16-page total submission.
  3. Combine all nomination materials into one document (all formats accepted), with the nomination letter first.  Incomplete nominations or nominations not submitted per these instructions will be marked ineligible and will not be considered further.
  4. Submit your nomination(s) online by Nov. 12, 2017.

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