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Counseling Today
Counseling Today
November 2014
Cover Story
30 A steadying hand By Laurie Meyers
Nothing can truly prepare counselors for all they will encounter as they launch out on their professional journeys, but effective supervision provides a safe space for growth, change, exploration and guidance.
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Responding to the rise in self-injury among youth
By Brent G. Richardson & Kendra A. Surmitis
It is critical for counselors working with adolescents
to have a clear understanding of nonsuicidal self-injury and to take the proper steps to minimize contagion among teenage peers.
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The case for animal-protective counseling practice
By Peter Wollheim
Given the growing contributions of animals as “co-therapists” and the proven mental health benefits
of animal companionship, is it time for the counseling profession to formally protect animal welfare through ethical principles and professional practices?
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Entering the danger zone
By John Sommers-Flanagan
There are compelling reasons why counselors need to find the courage to talk with boys about sex and pornography.
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5 From the President 7 CEO’s Message
8 Letters to the Editor
10 Washington Update
12 Deconstructing the DSM-5
19 Risk Management for Counselors
20 Private Practice Strategies 22 Neurocounseling: Bridging
Brain and Behavior 26 New Concepts in the
ACA Code of Ethics
28 Counselor Career Stories: Michael Schmit
43 CT Learning Test 58 Bulletin Board
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n Unethical supervision practices increase student vulnerability
n Facebook: Don’t let friends’ cries for help go unanswered
n Interventions with nursing home residents
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