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Counseling Today
Counseling Today
October 2014
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32 All in the family By Laurie Meyers
A family’s influence on its members is lifelong, and counselors must keep that effect in mind as they seek to understand and treat their clients, whether as a family unit or individually.
40 Midcourse corrections By Stacy Notaras Murphy
Counselors should be prepared to address a wide range of life span issues as female clients confront the ever- shifting concept of “middle age.”
46 Knowledge Share
Addressing learners’ emotional reactions to race-based trainings By Tina R. Paone & Krista M. Malott
To establish a sense of safety and remove impediments to learning, instructors of race-based trainings must anticipate and address reactions ranging from shock and anger to guilt and fear.
52 Reader Viewpoint
Exploring the impact of war
By Keith Myers
Counselors who have a firm grasp of the stressors that combat veterans face and the empirically based treatments for reducing combat-related trauma symptoms can serve as valuable allies to military clients.
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5 From the President 7 CEO’s Message
8 Letters to the Editor
10 Washington Update
12 Deconstructing the DSM-5
16 Risk Management for Counselors
18 Private Practice Strategies 20 Neurocounseling: Bridging
Brain and Behavior 24 New Concepts in the
ACA Code of Ethics
26 Counselor Career Stories: Kimberly Childers
28 Group Process From a Diversity Lens
43 CT Learning Test
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n Five critical social
skills to incorporate
in a 21st-century social skills group
n Four questions for Jamie Merisotis, president of Lumina Foundation
n Do you have diagnosisitis?
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