Forced Family Separations at U.S. Borders: Resources on Childhood, Family Trauma

The forced separation of families at U.S. borders is creating a crushing emotional crisis for thousands of families and family members. Some of these individuals have been directly affected by these separations; others will be living in fear that the separations will affect them and their own families in some way in the near future. All of these children and adults will be dealing with the mental health trauma resulting from this inhumane action for the rest of their lives.

Free Resources Available to the Public

ACA Mental Health Resources

American Counseling Association Fact Sheet #3:
Disaster and Trauma Responses of Children

American Counseling Association Fact Sheet #4:
Disaster and Trauma Effects on Parents

American Counseling Association Fact Sheet #12:
Grief Reactions Over the Life Span

Trauma-Related Articles from Counseling Today
The Toll of Childhood Trauma

Informed by Trauma

Mental Health Implications of Undocumented Immigrant Status

Coming to Grips with Childhood Adversity

The Transformative Power of Trauma

Other Trauma and Disaster Resources
Child Reactions to Trauma
(University of California, Davis)

Resources Related to Traumatic Separation and Refugee & Immigrant Trauma
(The National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families
(The National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

Age-Related Reactions to a Traumatic Event
(The National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

Resources Available to ACA Members Only

The ACA Center for Counseling Practice, Policy, and Research offers Practice Briefs for ACA members. Practice Briefs, written by scholars in the counseling profession, are research-based summaries of best practices, evidence-based practices, and research-based approaches covering a wide variety of client-presenting issues and counseling topics. Each Practice Brief is several pages in length, includes references, and has been peer-reviewed by two co-editors before being accepted for publication. The Practice Briefs available to members include:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Youth

Treating Anxiety Disorders in Youth

Separation Anxiety Disorders

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