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ACA Presents DSM-5 Revision Input to APA

Counselor educators responsible for teaching courses in client diagnosis may wish to share ACA's feedback on the proposed revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders with their students. Using member feedback, generated by an electronic call for input and a town hall meeting at the Pittsburgh conference, a task force appointed by ACA President Lynn E. Linde, incorporated the comments of more than four dozen contributors in the letter that was submitted to the American Psychiatric Association in April on behalf of the ACA membership.

In her letter, President Linde expressed concern about ACA's exclusion from participation in the development of the DSM-5 and went on to state: "It is essential to involve us because we provide a unique perspective." She further requested professional counselor participation in both the field testing process and the dissemination of information to be adequately prepared for the final feedback opportunity in 2011.

The ACA DSM Task Force was comprised of Charles Pemberton (Chair), Camille Clay, Rebecca Daniel-Burke, Dayle Jones, Monica Kintich, and Jacqueline Swank.

President Linde's Letter on Proposed DSM-5 Revisions...

Laptops in the Classroom: Ally or Annoyance?

Is the laptop computer a distraction in the college classroom? Are professors sufficiently annoyed with their use to ban them? Stories, like this one in a recent edition of The Washington Post, are addressing the pros and cons that have led to restrictions and bans on laptops. Citing the importance of classroom discussion and understanding as critical to student success, the article states the trend in laptop banning appears strongest in law schools. Are bans in counselor education classes far behind?

The Washington Post article...

Full-Time Professor Salaries Dip

The annual salary study of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), released in early April, paints a dismal picture of full-time faculty salaries in 2009-2010. The 1.2% growth from the previous year is the lowest in the half century AAUP has been conducting the survey. When salaries are considered in light of the inflation rate, college and university professors lost spending power in the past year.

Average Full-Time Faculty Salaries of Institutions by Type and Rank

Rank All Public Private/

The annual AAUP report examines salary trends and staffing situations, including such practices as freezes, cutbacks, and furloughs.

AAUP Report and Tables...

Worth Reading: The Pros of Becoming an Adjunct Professor

Worth ReadingThe responsibilities are considerable, the pay isn't great, and fitting the role into one's lifestyle can be difficult, but more and more individuals are turning "back to school" as adjunct professors. This trend, reported in a recent Sunday edition of the New York Times, presents an overview of the work of the adjunct and why more and more professionals are turning to the classroom in these times of economic insecurity and turmoil.

New York Times article...

Project Looks at How To Improve Doctoral Completion Rates

According to a recent report, universities participating in the Ph.D. Completion Project say their involvement in the initiative has inspired them to change their institutional culture, helping to make doctoral program completion a priority for both individual programs and the institutions as a whole. The Executive Summary of a new monograph from the Council of Graduate Schools identifies six areas of intervention as influencing degree completion: student selection and admission; mentoring and advising; financial support; program environment; research experience; and curricular and administrative processes and procedures.

Ph.D. Completion Project Executive Summary...

New, Free Certification and Regulation Guide on School Counseling Available from ACA

Keep students interested in school counseling abreast of certification requirements and other state regulations by using A Guide to State Laws & Regulations on Professional School Counseling, now available from ACA. The 2010 edition provides the latest information on state certification/licensure requirements and counseling mandates for each state, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Members can obtain free copies by contacting Member Services at 800-347-6647, x222 or click on the link below. The non-member cost is $10.

Online edition of the School Counselor Certification Guide...
(scroll down to "Members-only Reports.")

International Graduate Student Applications Up; China Leads

International Graduate Student Applications Up; China LeadsThe Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has been monitoring international student application, admission, and enrollment trends at member institutions using a phased-survey approach to track trends at various stages in the transition to U.S. graduate programs. Data for 2010 suggest that applications from international students continued to increase for the fifth consecutive year, a gain that is expected to be the largest since 2007 and a solid rebound from a decline earlier in the decade. The final count, however, will be dependent on favorable admission decisions and eventual enrollment by admitted students.

The countries or regions of origin with the largest increase in applications include China (19%) and the Middle East/Turkey (18%). Most popular fields of study for the applicants include social sciences and psychology (11%), physical and earth sciences (10%), and education (8%).

Full CGS International Student Study...

Conference Clipping: Submit your Proposal for 2011 by June 2

2010 ACA ConferenceThe ACA Conference in Pittsburgh was an outstanding professional development opportunity for counselors and students, and an exceptional opportunity for presenters to showcase innovative, evidence-based programs, strategies, and research. The Conference featured 38 Pre-conference Learning Institutes and 538 Education Sessions (i.e., 90-minute programs, 60-minute programs, and 30-minute poster sessions). The overall acceptance rate for Education Sessions was 35%, meaning that the competition for presentation spaces and the quality of selected programs continue to increase.

The deadline for program proposals for the ACA 2011 Conference & Exposition in New Orleans is June 2, 2010. As you prepare a program proposal, consider the helpful tips outlined below, which will increase your chances of crafting a highly-rated proposal. Click here for 7 tips on putting together an effective proposal. The tips were prepared by Brad Erford, Chair of the ACA Conference Program Review Panel.

Click here to register for the 2011 Conference, March 23-27, in New Orleans at the low Summer Rate, which expires August 31.

New ACA Podcast: Reality Therapy, Choice Theory, What's the Difference?

ACA Podcast SeriesSpeaker: Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD, internationally known teacher, author and practitioner of Reality Therapy has taught Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has written over 125 essays and chapters in text books as well as ten books and published seven videos on Reality Therapy. Dr. Wubbolding is also: Professor Emeritus of Xavier University, Director of the Center for Reality Therapy, a Professional Clinical Counselor, a Psychologist, a member of the American Counseling Association, the American Psychological Association, the Ohio Counseling Association, and the Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association.

Among other things, Rebecca Daniel-Burke asks the following questions:

  • What is reality therapy? What is choice theory? How are the two connected?
  • What is the WDEP System?
  • What types of clients are most amenable to reality therapy? Are there any types of clients for whom reality therapy does not work?
  • What can you say about research in reality therapy?
  • Tell me about the founder of Reality Therapy, William Glasser, M.D., what is your relationship to him?
  • What trends do you see in reality therapy? What do you think the future holds for this system?

ACA now has 18 podcasts available free to members. One of the podcasts, HT016 Stress and Haitian Americans, After the Earthquake, is available at no charge to both members and nonmembers.

Running time: 56:02

Proceed to Podcast...

In the News: Campus Violence Examined

A new study of campus violence, "Campus Attacks: Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of Higher Education," conducted by the Education Department, the FBI, and the U.S. Secret Service, examines 272 violent incidents on institutions of higher education in the period between 1999 and 2008. Major findings reveal information on where in the U.S. and where on campus the incidents occurred, as well as the subjects perpetrating the violence and their victims.

Federal report...

Syllabus Clearinghouse Continues to Grow; Bartlett, Trolley Lauded

ACA-ACES Syllabus ClearinghouseThe ACA-ACES Syllabus Clearinghouse has received many kudos and appreciative comments from ACA members. To this end, we would like to salute two counselor educators—Mary Bartlett and Barbara Trolley—who have been frequent contributors to the Syllabus Clearinghouse. We appreciate their generosity of spirit in supporting this unique counselor educator initiative. As one member phrased it, "the Syllabus Clearinghouse is a testament to the underlying altruism of the counseling profession."

Mary Bartlett teaches at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, AL and Barbara Trolley teaches at St. Bonaventure University in St. Bonaventure, NY.

It will soon be time to submit your summer syllabi. We invite you to join Mary and Barbara in giving back to your profession by submitting your syllabi. It is easy to submit: Simply go to, then scroll down to the ACA-ACES Syllabus Clearinghouse button. You do not need to be a member to contribute your syllabus.

Together, we have created a wonderful, helping resource. Don't forget to use it and do continue to help it grow!

Please direct any syllabus questions or feedback to Vikki Cooper, ACA Librarian, at or 800-347-6647, ext. 281.

New Text Provides Framework for Effective Supervision

Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
by Gerald Corey, Robert Haynes, Patrice Moulton, Michelle Muratori

This straightforward guide for new and practicing supervisors emphasizes the attainment of skills necessary to effectively supervise others in a variety of settings. Topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, the supervisory relationship, models and methods of supervision, becoming a multiculturally competent supervisor, ethical and legal issues in supervision, managing crisis situations, and evaluation in supervision. User-friendly tips, case examples, sample forms, questions for reflection, and group activities are included throughout the text, as are contributing supervisors' Voices From the Field and the authors' Personal Perspectives—making this an interactive learning tool that is sure to keep readers interested and involved.

2010 | 304 pgs
Order #72898
ISBN 978-1-55620-303-9
List Price: $62.95
AACA Member Price: $43.95

Order Today...

Inside JCD: Items of Interest to Counselor Educators in Summer Edition

JCDThe Summer 2010 edition of the Journal of Counseling & Development will contain a number of articles of interest to counselor educators. The issue is scheduled to arrive in your mailbox in June.

Advocacy and Empowerment in Parent Consultation: Implications for Theory and Practice
by Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy and Julia Brown

Using a Multicultural Framework to Assess Supervisee's Perceptions of Culturally Competent Supervision
by Julie R. Ancis and Doreen S. Marshall

Nontenured Assistant Professors as American Counseling Association Division Presidents: The New Look of Leadership in Counseling
by Donna M. Gibson, Colette T. Dollarhide and Leah J. McCallum

Dialogic Considerations of Confrontation as a Counseling Activity: An Examination of Allen Ivey's Use of Confronting as a Microskill
by Tom Strong and Don Zeman

Enhancing Reflective Practice in Multicultural Counseling Through Cultural Auditing
by Sandra Collins, Nancy Arthur and Gina Wong-Wylie

Empathy: An Integral Model in the Counseling Process
by Arthur J. Clark

Emergent Characteristics of Effective Cross-Cultural Research: A Review of the Literature
by Christopher Sullivan and R. Rocco Cottone

The Process of Suicide Risk Assessment: Twelve Core Principles
by Darcy Haag Granello

Don C. Locke: A Profile in Leadership
by Linwood G. Vereen

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