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Economy Cause of Increased Anxiety for Americans

The economic downturn-turned-recession clearly represents a major source of anxiety for most Americans and has them behaving differently according to a poll by USA Today and the Gallup Organization. Will the federal bailout work? How will my standard of living and career be influenced by the current economy? Can I afford to retire? These are just a few of the questions that Americans are asking, ones that are causing many to pause and consider options and behaviors.

In findings updated on September 30, 2008, one third (33%) of surveyed adults said the economy had already reached "depression" proportions and nearly three quarters (73%) expect things to get worse before they improve. The poll examined spending habits, job security, and other personal and family issues.


University Use of SAT Challenged

According to the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Inside Higher Education, Baylor University has been rewarding admitted students for retaking the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) and earning a higher score. The Waco, Texas university offered enrolling students a $300 campus bookstore credit for retaking the SAT and $1,000 if their scores rose 50 points or more. The reported motive was to boost the composite student admission test profile and qualify Baylor for a higher institutional ranking. Subsequent information released by the university indicates the practice is being abandoned.


Federal Report Presents Youth Counseling and Mental Health Service Usage Data

A September report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) offers combined 2005 and 2006 data indicating an average of 3.3 million youths ages 12 to 17 (13.3 percent) received services for emotional or behavioral problems in a specialty mental health setting in the 12 months prior to the survey. Another 3 million youth were treated for mental health concerns by counselors in school-based settings. Included are usage statistics for services provided by counselors, psychologists, and other professionals by setting (e.g., outpatient, inpatient, education, and medical). The findings revealed that female youths were more likely than their male counterparts to receive mental health services.

View the Report

Reliable Resource: Newsletter Offers Regular Information on Youth Program Grants

Counselors working in schools, agencies, and community organizations can now subscribe to an electronic newsletter put together through the collaboration of Youth Service America and GrantStation. Published weekly, the communique contains information about funding opportunities and proposal submission deadlines, as well as some helpful tools for novice proposal writers. Subscribe to the GrantStation Insider.

Members Asked for Input Regarding Future Podcasts

Seeking to create an online library of podcast programs that respond to member needs and concerns, ACA would like practitioner, counselor educators and student input regarding future program topics. Following is a list of subjects under consideration; this is your opportunity to vote or to "write in" another topic.

  • Issues facing master's level counseling students
  • Malpractice prevention strategies
  • Assessment tools and proper norming
  • Counseling returning veterans, PTSD and families of veterans
  • Adlerian thought and techniques
  • Counseling borderlines
  • First responders: Adrenaline junkies?
  • Your suggestion

Direct your email regarding prospective podcast topics to Rebecca Daniel-Burke.

ACA National Awards: Nominations Due October 31

The ACA Awards Committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2009 National Awards that will be presented at the ACA 2009 Annual Conference & Exposition in Charlotte, March 19-23. Any ACA member can nominate one or more members who have distinguished themselves through noteworthy contributions to the counseling profession. ACA divisions, organizational affiliates, branches, chapters, regions, or committees also can submit nominations. Click here for a complete list of national awards along with a list of individuals who have won the awards over the years. Members also can request a national awards packet by calling ACA Member Services at 800-347-6647, Ext. 222. Nominations can be submitted via mail to ACA National Awards, c/o Holly Clubb, 5999 Stevenson Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304-3300. All nominations must be postmarked by October 31, 2008.


ACA Ross Trust Scholarship Nominees Due November 24

Counselor educators are encouraged to nominate students who are preparing to work in educational settings for the ACA Ross Trust Scholarship Program. Fifteen deserving student members (ten master's level and five doctoral level) will receive $1,000, plus complimentary conference registration and membership for one year. The deadline for online nomination/application is November 24, 2008 and winners will be announced early in 2009.


The ACA Graduate Student Ethics Competition Is Now Open - Register by November 30

The ACA Ethics Committee invites graduate students to participate in the ACA Graduate Student Ethics Competition! Once again, ethical dilemmas have been devised for both master's and doctoral level counseling students. Entrants must provide the best solution to the dilemma presented. If your school would like to participate, please click the link for rules and information. Good luck to all teams!


Worth Reading: AARP Investigates Hunger and Older Americans

The American Association of Retired Persons has prepared an exclusive five-part series that investigates the problem of hunger in the U.S., focusing on how seniors are often the least visible and hardest hit victims of this growing problem. Readers will learn about both the causes and consequences of hunger among older Americans.


Conference Clipping: Register for Charlotte 2009 Today

The ACA 2009 Conference and Exposition Advance Registration Brochure was mailed to all members in early October Register by November 30 to save and ensure that you receive your conference materials in advance. Remember that you can return home with one or more ACA Academy Certificates at no cost! There are 16 Academies to choose from. For each certificate you must attend at least 6 full sessions within the track. In addition you must visit the Exposition for at least 30 minutes and attend the Opening Keynote Session. An ACA Academies application form and instructions will be in your tote bag. You will receive your free Academy certificate by mail 2-3 weeks after ACA receives your form.

Conference Information and Registration

Fast Fact: Where the Philanthropic Dollars Go

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that education and social services received nearly half of the $67.5 billion donated by philanthropic and corporate sources in 2006. The top six causes included:

  • Education (in billions) - $17.6
  • Social services - $15.3
  • International causes - $9.5
  • Health - $7.2
  • Donor-advised gift funds - $3.7
  • Community foundations - $3.2

Calendar: Professional and Leadership Development Meetings

October 31-November 2
Colorado Counseling Association Annual Fall Conference

Holiday Inn, Estes Park, CO

November 1
Wisconsin Counseling Association 2008 Fall Summit

Mid State Technical College Campus, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

November 4
Election Day!
This year provides us the first election in 80 years without an incumbent president or vice president running for the presidency. It is historic in many ways, and everyone wants to be involved in history. Lines will be very long, so be prepared. It is a right, a priviledge, an honor, and a civic duty to cast a ballot. Millions of people have died throughout the ages in the pursuit of free elections. In some states, early or absentee voting is an option, especially if you have a long commute. Some states have enacted new laws about campaigning at the polling places, so before you pin that button to your shirt, make sure it's allowed, or you may be turned away! Your voter ID card has information on where to vote, or you can contact your local board of elections for more information. See you at the polls!

November 5-8
Texas Counseling Association

Houston Galleria, Houston, TX

November 6-9
European Branch-ACA Fall Conference

Ramada Inn Micador. Wiesbaden-Niedernhausen, Germany

November 6-9
Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Doral Desert Princess Resort, Palm Springs, CA

November 6-9
Western Region Leadership Conference

Seattle University, Seattle, WA
Silver Cloud Hotel - 800-497-1261
For additional information, contact ACA's Western Region Chair, Mary Schroeder.

November 12-14
Puerto Rican Professional Counseling Association

El Gran Melia Hotel, Puerto Rico
Details: Contact Ramonita de Lourdes Diaz Jimenez

ACA divisions, branches, and regions are valuable sources of learning and professional development. Information on events will be posted approximately eight weeks prior. This information is made available to ACAeNews via the ACA master calendar and the various organization web sites. Send calendar items to Denise Smith-Williams. Please provide the sponsor, dates, site and contact person information. Information posted here is restricted to that sponsored by ACA divisions, branches, regions and related organizations.


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